At the Brady's pub, Aiden surprises Jenn by clumsily asking her on a date to some comedy production. Jenn thinks he wants her to be his beard. Aiden laughs awkwardly but says that's not it. She doesn't listen and says she's game. She goes.

Hope arrives to the hospital from her trip to New Orleans. She and Kayla discuss John's coma. Kayla says he may not bounce back from this. Hope's upset. They discuss the trip and Hope says Ciara was reminded of Bo at every turn. Kayla asks how things are going with Aiden. Hope says she still loves Bo. She runs before Kayla can ask her anything else. By the hub, Theresa breaks up Eve's flirtation with Brady. Brady makes plans to meet Theresa later and once he's gone, Theresa warns Eve away from her husband.

At home, Marlena gets an idea while looking at her perfume. She flashes to making love to John.

At JJ's, Paige tells him she's deferring going to Stanford until next year. He's over the moon. She goes as Adrienne arrives. Adrienne asks if he thinks it's a good idea dating Eve Larson's daughter considering his mother's lawsuit with Eve. JJ says Paige is amazing and asks his aunt to give her a break. Adrienne smiles. She calls JJ a chip off the old block. JJ looks at Jack's photo. He's not so sure. She says if he ever wants to talk about him she's there. He may just take her up on that but has to dash. He goes and Jenn returns. Adrienne harps about JJ dating Paige. Jenn says they can't hold Paige responsible for what her mom does.

In the truck on the way to Salem, Kristen has a fit when Daniel tells her she's deluding herself into thinking Brady still loves her. He releases her hands and applies ointment on her raw wrists as she tells him she and Brady have a bond. He saved her. She decided years ago she didn't know how to love but Brady made her realize who she used to be. She recalls being a social worker. "People liked me," she says. Daniel smirks. She blames Marlena for ruining it all. Kristen says Brady made her feel innocent again. That's not the word Daniel would have used for her. Kristen wants to help Brady now and calls Daniel delusional to think he'll bring her to justice. Daniel says that's what's happening now! He picked this truck after looking at the manifest. The first stop in Salem is the Salem Inn, which is five doors down from the Salem Police Department.

At TBD, Theresa calls Eve a "nosy old hag" for getting into her business with Brady. Eve thinks she's wrong to plan a future with Brady. The man is falling apart. She says Theresa's the only one who knows whether or not Brady really did hit his father with a poker. Theresa says if she wants her to donate blood, she needs to stay out of her love life. They argue over Eve making the moves on Brady and Theresa goes. "He's mine, Eve," she mutters to herself.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Maggie that he and Marlena halted John's move into long-term-care. Maggie's glad. He wants to consult with Daniel about John and also needs to make amends with Daniel. Maggie grins. Brady says he's one on a long list, one that includes his dad. Maggie gives him space when Theresa arrives. Brady introduces her to the notary who will witness them signing their annulment papers. They sign and Theresa tears up and then before she goes, warns him that her sister always has an agenda. Brady can handle it. Besides, he's not looking to hook up with anyone.

At SPD, Hope's business with another cop is interrupted by Aiden. They discuss the kids and school and each tells the other how busy they are. Aiden brings up his date with Jenn. Hope's taken aback.

Marlena sprays her perfume in John's hospital room and asks him to squeeze her hand if he can hear her. Nothing happens. She keeps at it and then cries when he's unresponsive. Once she leaves, John's eyes flutter and tears stream down his face.

In the square, Rory boasts about the amazing party he went to last night and all the weed. Rory invites him to another. JJ smiles but he's not interested. Rory thinks this is temporary.

At home, Eve wants to discuss Stanford. Paige says she didn't get to tell her earlier but she already officially withdrew from Stanford. Eve's not happy with the news. Suddenly, Stanford calls and Paige takes the call in another room. To herself, Eve tells JJ he's done with her daughter. She spells it out, "D o n e."

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Kristen's return to Salem turns people's worlds upside down.

Brady gets some shocking news.

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