In Rome, Eric tells Nicole his vocation is gone. She's confused. He whispers that if he returned, he'd be a hypocrite. He blames her and hates her. Nicole calls him mean. She takes responsibility for lying but refuses to be culpable for his refusal to take his job back. She reminds him she forgave him for accusing her of rape. Eric says he's not the same man anymore and must live with this hate. He goes and Nicole sobs. Later on the flight, Nicole's not responsive when a passenger strikes up a conversation. A woman sits with Eric - he looks familiar. Isn't he a priest? Eric denies it.

At home, Paige tells Eve she can help ease up on their budget by deferring Stanford for a year. "Over my dead body," Eve shouts. Paige wants to attend Salem U for a year. Eve accuses JJ of talking her into this but Paige says he doesn't even know. Eve has to run for an appointment but promises her daughter that nothing will stand in her way of a good education.

At Jenn's, JJ tells his mother he's in love with Paige. Jennifer's so happy for him and hugs her son. JJ calls her a great person. She deserves happiness and brings up Daniel. She says it's complicated. Once she goes, Eve arrives and tells JJ about Paige's plans. He's taken aback. Eve asks him to talk Paige out of it. She gives him a veiled threat and he calls her on it. She refuses to let anyone stand in her daughter's way. Once she's gone, Paige arrives and can tell Eve was there. He admits he hates that she's leaving for school but she has to go. Paige already notified Stanford. She's not going.

Theresa runs into Marlena at the Horton square. Marlena wants to clarify what happened to John. Theresa says she already told the police all she knows. Marlena thinks there's more but Theresa denies it and runs off. Brady calls and Marlena says she'll be right there.

Brady meets Aiden outside of the Brady's pub. He sincerely apologizes for wanting to take a swing at him the last time they met there. Aiden is forgiving. Brady goes and Aiden heads inside. He receives a kind note from Father Louis, thanking him for planning the gala. Aiden flashes to dancing with Hope and Jenn walks up. Aiden says going to court will be expense and painful. He hopes Daniel can support her but she says not to go there. Aiden says he'll be there as a friend and lawyer.

In the supply closet in St. Louis, Daniel sleeps and dreams about being used and lied to by Kate, and then Nicole. He wakes up and tells Kristen he had a bad dream which essentially was about her. She flirts and asks what she was wearing. "A bright orange jumpsuit," he retorts. Kristen asks where Jennifer fits in. The goons return and start casing the hotel for the duo. Kristen thinks he could get away alone but Daniel says that's not going to happen. He gags her and drags her outside to the loading dock and onto a laundry truck. He ties her up and removes the gag. If she screams, the truck driver will find out she's a felon. Kristen thinks Stefano will come to her rescue. Daniel finds that funny and mocks her. She calls him an amateur. He retorts that she's a psychotic b****. She laughs at his women issues. He wants to discuss Eric. When prompted, Kristen admits she screwed up Eric's life. He was kind to her and she feels guilty about what she did. She says she was decimated and wanted to crush Marlena. She confesses to still loving Brady. She thinks he still loves her.

At the hospital, Anne tells Theresa about Abigail's resignation. Theresa couldn't care less. Anne assumes she's busy worrying about the John Black situation and asks how much money she got from the marriage settlement. Theresa says she never took any money from Brady and doesn't want to discuss it. Meanwhile, Marlena arrives at Kayla's office. Brady's there. Kay tells them they need to discuss moving John into chronic care. Brady doesn't want to. They're not ready to give up. Kayla's happy to hear and will clear it with the administrator. Brady goes and Kayla agrees to let Marlena look over John's files. Marlena says it's been a rough couple of years. When John filed for divorce she had to live with that. Now, she'll fight. She reads the files and blames Kristen for setting these events into motion. She flashes to telling this to Kristen and hopes she's burning in hell. At the hub, Eve finds Brady and gets flirty. Theresa seethes as she watches her sister at work.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Daniel tells Kristen what's in store for her.

Marlena tries to get through to John.

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