In the park, Ben hits Rafe and yells, "You swore you would never hurt her!" Abby and Jordan stop Ben from beating on Rafe's head. Rafe explains he hopes Jordan can forgive him someday because he still loves her. Jordan takes Rafe away and disgusted, Ben sounds off about what kind of person Kate must be for sleeping with another girl's man. Abby says she did the same thing. Ben apologizes but Abby says he's right. Ben muses that she's nothing like Kate. Abby admits when he was beating on Rafe, his anger scared her. Ben's sorry - he grew up around that sort of thing. His mother was afraid of her own shadow, never knowing what would set Clyde off. Abigail's shocked and realizes he's nothing like Clyde. They kiss.

At TBD, Paige tells Eve the guy they knew from Miami named Kevin works there now and calls himself Ben. She wonders why he lied to her. Eve says men all lie. Jack did. He was a con man who swindled millions from her. Jack owes her. Paige says JJ's not like that. They discuss the ruling on the lawsuit coming up.

Aiden leaves Jennifer's place as Jenn tells JJ she's off to court and thinks the judge will rule today about the lawsuit.

EJ eavesdrops at the DiMera mansion as Sami worries she pushed EJ into Abigail's arms. Maybe she's making a mistake by letting EJ go. EJ grins. Kate wonders if Sami would forgive him if he walked through the door. Sami says, "Maybe." Kate suggests she look at the photos of EJ kissing Abby and remember the Sydnapping. If she forgets the past she's doomed to repeat mistakes. Later, EJ walks in and Kate leaves them alone. EJ takes Sami's hand and she shoves him away and yells never to touch her again. She starts throwing things. Kate returns and says the kids are home. Sami goes and EJ asks what Kate said to Sami who he thought was about to forgive him. Kate shrugs. He has bad timing. She kicks the broken vase that Sami threw and says that's all he has left. EJ promises to make her pay. He leaves and Sami returns. She fills Kate in on coming to her senses and asks what comes after the revenge. Where does it leave them? "Deliriously happy meets filthy rich," Kate says.

In Rome, Nicole waits in the garden as the Cardinal tells Eric he can be a priest again. Eric's happy the church believes in him but confesses to hating Nicole while also being consumed with how much he wants her. Outside, Nicole tells a statue she was an idiot to try to come between Eric and God. He was meant to be a priest. Inside, Eric isn't sure how he can dedicate himself to God. The Cardinal thinks this is a sign of what to do next. Eric leaves and tells Nicole his name is cleared but he's not going back to the priesthood.

JJ drops by Paige's and they discuss the lawsuit and Paige going to Stanford. Paige asks him never to lie to her.

In court, Eve and Jenn listen as Aiden appeals to the judge to throw the case out because Jack's signature appears in two entirely different manners, which renders the document null and void. The judge rules that though the case is weak, she'll allow it to go to trial. Later, Eve warns "little miss perfect" that JJ will hate her for dragging this out and hurting Paige.

At the Brady's pub, Rafe explains that the night he cheated with Kate, he felt he failed Gabi. He was disgusted with himself and got drunk. He thought Jordan deserved better than him. Jordan admits she has trust issues with men and he was the first she ever loved. Rafe loves her and calls himself an idiot for risking it all. Jordan says he destroyed it. She thinks Kate had Sami tell her about the fling on purpose. Rafe defends Kate and Jordan calls him naive. She should have left town when she had the chance. She blinks a few times and runs out.

Eve returns home. JJ has left. Eve tells her about what happened in court. Paige has a way to help. Eve jumps to conclusions, thinking she talked JJ into getting Jenn to drop the suit.

Jenn returns home and tells JJ the news about going to trial. She's sorry this has put him in an awkward position. Maybe it'll be easier once Paige goes to college. The distance could do them both some good. JJ doubts that since he is in love with her.

EJ meets some goon by TBD. EJ's looking to boost profits all over town by raising the price of their product by 15%. It'll fly because they're the only game in town.

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Marlena wants answers from Theresa.

Paige tells JJ and her mother about her plans...

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