Sami greets Rafe at the DiMera mansion. She tells Rafe she was wrong about EJ and reminisces about their first time meeting in witness protection. She goes on about the past and calls him desperate for going after Kate then Jordan after they broke up. She assumes he wants to reunite but says she's not ready yet. "Have you lost your frikken mind?" Rafe asks. Sami reminds him he once called her the love of his life. "Were those empty words?" Rafe says that was a lifetime ago. Sami puts Kate and Jordan down and gets testy. He confronts her about telling Jordan about him cheating in order to get her out of the way. Now that EJ two-timed her, she wants Rafe back. Sami gasps. She was trying to let him down easy! They start shouting and Sami asks him to do his job and get her husband put in jail. He yells, "Fine." She tells Harold that "Detective Egomaniac" is leaving. Rafe says he wanted her to be happy and wonders why she can't be for him. She claims she does but Jordan won't make him happy. He goes and she muses that she made him happy.

Outside TBD, Jordan tells Kate she's not going to let her get to her anymore. They argue and Kate says she has no time to worry about hurting someone "as insignificant as you." Kate assumes Jordan keeps reinventing herself because she knows she's not woman enough to satisfy a man - especially Rafe. Jordan raises her hand to hit Kate but stops herself. Kate encourages her to go ahead, so Jordan smacks her. Kate is glad she can express an emotion. She tells the physiotherapist that she'll ruin her relationship with Rafe on her own. She thinks the secret she's hiding is significant and knows she's not good enough for him.

At the park, Clyde introduces himself to Abigail while Ben sneers. Clyde takes off and Abby comments that he seemed sincere. Ben flies off the handle and lets her know his father can't be trusted. He receives a text from Jordan. He tells her to meet there and when she shows up, Abby toddles off. Jordan asks Ben to promise not to lose it and tells him Rafe cheated on her with Kate a few weeks ago. She squints and tries to drum up some tears.

Eric and Nicole have words in Rome about what's to come with the Cardinal. They're both on edge when the Cardinal arrives. He questions why Nicole kept the evidence that could have cleared Eric's name. Nicole knows her mistake was a sin and she shouldn't have kept it a secret. The Cardinal says the decision facing the church would be easier if they had concrete evidence. Nicole begs the Cardinal not to punish Eric for what she did. She steps outside and the Cardinal says he'll make arrangements for Eric to return to the priesthood.

At the Kiriakis mansion, EJ offers Victor insider information for his newly acquired companies. In return, he wants the old contact information for their past venture (in drugs). Victor asks after his motivation but EJ's not forthcoming. He wants the contact names and 10% of the additional gross profits. They shake on the deal. Victor warns him about playing with fire.

Clyde sits outside the Brady's pub with scruffy looking Jeremiah. How Jesse doing? Jeremiah says the doctor told Beth Ann that the explosion left him with third degree burns all over his body. Clyde hands over a wad of cash for the couple's children.

Kate arrives home and comments that she saw Rafe tearing out of the driveway. Sami sighs. He was there to lay into her about Jordan. She goes and Sami looks at EJ's photo. She made him happy. She flashes to old times and Kate returns. As EJ walks into the mansion, Kate says she hopes Sami's not having second thoughts about EJ.

Rafe bumps into Abigail at the Horton square. He's looking for Jordan. Abby lies and says she doesn't know, and then admits she left her with her brother at the park. She thinks they need time alone. Rafe goes to the park and Abby follows. Ben sees Rafe and hits him.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric makes a big decision.

Rafe again tries to explain his actions to Jordan.

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