In Rome, Eric dreams that Nicole's in bed with him making love. He wakes up, startled. He falls back asleep and dreams she's on his doorstep wearing a slinky dress she hopes the Cardinal will approve of. A knock wakes Eric up and a priest arrives as a wake up call. He goes and Eric imagines himself in his clerical clothing. He asks God to make him stop hating on Nicole and later meets her in another room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny wants Victor to ask Will's editor to pull the scandalous article about his parents. Victor can't get in the middle of that and wonders why is he is standing in Will's way. Sonny says Will's writing this to teach Sami a lesson. It's a bad idea for him and his relationship with his family. "Did you marry this man or adopt him?" Victor asks. He asks Sonny to back off and let Will trust his judgement.

EJ arrives at Will's. Will secretly records EJ opening up and admitting that though it pains him to say, he admires the way Sami screwed him over. He asks Will to talk to her on his behalf. He still considers him and the other kids a part of his family and won't give up on Sami. He goes.

Rafe goes to Ben at TBD to ask about Jordan. Ben says she's a mess but refused to discuss it. If it's not something Rafe said, it must be what Sami said to Jordan. Rafe sighs and takes off.

While jogging through Horton square, Jordan flashes to Rafe confirming he cheated with Kate. She sees Clyde and runs off. Clyde spots Abigail, "If it ain't my boy's little conquest." Adrienne stops Abby, angry about what Sami did to her. Abby shrugs. She did violate the terms of her employment. She talks about sleeping with Sami's husband as Clyde listens. Abby says she's moving forward.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami gets off a business call. Kate arrives in her robe and Sami hands her a folder. Kate looks through it. "Are you seriously prepared to cross this line?" Kate asks, then wonders if she values her life. Sami reminds Kate she sold Stefano's island to the Fresh Air Reserve. This isn't as personal as that. They have breakfast and Kate tells Sami about Jordan confronting Rafe. Sami doesn't think Rafe loves "mousy little Jordan" because he's still in love with her. Kate laughs at that and says Rafe will never come back to Sami. She goes and Sami mutters, "Don't be so sure." Later, Harold lets Adrienne in. She won't stand by and let Sami... Sami interrupts. She says when it comes to Abby, she's just getting warmed up. Sami says Abby was becoming her closest friend, the way Kayla is to Adrienne. "When Abigail thought she was pregnant with my husband's child, who do you think was there for her?" Adrienne clams up. Sami says she didn't want to be the one to do this... she gets an envelope from the desk and tells her Justin cheated on her with Kayla when they were having issues. She has proof. Adrienne tears up and shakes her head. Adrienne grabs them and takes a look. They're wedding photos! It was a ruse. Sami wanted Adrienne to get off her high horse to look upon her situation with some compassion. Adrienne knew this was a mistake. She takes off.

At home, Jordan remembers better times with Rafe and wonders if it was all a lie.

Rafe finds Jordan working at the hospital. He tries to explain but she doesn't want to listen. Jordan almost cries. She thinks Sami was right. He didn't need her after she helped him get back on his feet again.

In the park, Ben shows Abigail a list of jobs he pulled for her. A pastry chef, a psychic, and one she's interested in - PR for a start up company. They kiss. Clyde shows up.

Sonny arrives home. Will says he's questioning whether he's doing the right thing with this article. Adrienne calls to give Will the heads up about Sami blackmailing Kayla and how she lied about Justin cheating on her. They hang up and Will decides to continue writing the article.

At TBD, Kate tells EJ they decided to jettison that Houston refinery that was giving them trouble. EJ freaks out. It was his baby. He needs those funds. Kate reminds him he no longer has a job or anyone to spend the money on. She goes and he mutters that she hasn't given him any choice. Kate goes outside where Jordan confronts her.

EJ goes to Victor at the mansion and tells Victor he knows how to make his new companies produce.

Back at the mansion, Henderson tells Sami Rafe's waiting for her in the lounge. She fishes her hair and smiles at her reflection before she goes to see him.

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