At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa flashes to hitting John with the poker. Brady appears. "What are you doing here?" She hands him paperwork for their annulment - it can all be done online. Brady muses about how easy it is to erase certain mistakes - if only it was that easy with all of them. Brady takes a call and returns and tells Theresa she could go to prison for what happened that night - she lied to protect him. Theresa says what happened that night wasn't his fault. She begs him to stop punishing himself. Theresa asks him if they can be friends again down the road. Brady doesn't think so, but wishes her the best. After, Brady hopes for John to come back so this nightmare can be over.

At the hospital, Sami tells Jordan that Rafe is still sleeping with Kate as Abigail listens. Abigail tells Sami to be angry with her, but to leave Jordan alone. Sami insists it's true - she overheard Kate and Rafe. Jordan rushes off. Abigail tells Sami she's turned into a monster. Sami says the cheaters destroy relationships. They trade insults.

At Club TBD, JJ thanks Ben for sticking by Abigail. Ben confesses that he lied to him before. He explains, and says it was to protect Jordan. They discuss Ben's situation. Abigail arrives. JJ says Ben told him everything. Abigail says she resigned and Sami got her pound of flesh. She mentions Jordan having a crisis. JJ is impressed that she's thinking of others right now. After, Ben kisses Abigail as she tries to text Jordan. He presents her with a wooden box he made for her and talks about Jordan encouraging him and sticking by him. Abigail says Jordan may need him now.

On the flight to Rome, Eric imagines Nicole is his seatmate, but it's a stranger. She introduces herself as Kristen. He looks out at the tarmac and looks back to find Nicole in Kristen's seat. "Surprise!" Eric tries to get rid of her but Nicole refuses - he has to deal with her. Eric isn't comfortable with being around her. "You betrayed me." Nicole disappears and Eric wonders what is going on in his head.

Daniel holds his hand over Kristen's taped mouth in the dark supply closet while a man moves around nearby. The man calls, "All clear." Daniel removes the tape from Kristen's mouth. She gasps and tells him they'll catch him. He says if that happens she'll be sorry. She insists that she's the one who can save Brady. Daniel thinks she's crazy - she caused all of this. Kristen knows how to reach him. "We're connected." Daniel is skeptical, but tells her he'll bring her to Salem and people can visit her behind bars. Kristen says she doesn't do jail and Nicole played God with Eric's life as much as she did. Kristen adds that he must hate himself for buying Nicole's lines. "We all have a lot to answer for." They debate about which of them is trapped.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe and Kate debate about whether he should tell Jordan about their 'mistake'. Rafe doesn't want to be like EJ. If he doesn't tell Jordan it's the same as what that slime did to Sami. Kate insists it's different. Later, Jordan meets Rafe. Kate watches from the sidelines as Jordan asks if he had sex with Kate after they were together. Rafe wants to go somewhere else to talk. Jordan realizes it's true. He admits it. Kate shows herself and says it's all her fault. She goes on about Rafe being drunk and how much Rafe loves Jordan. Jordan runs out with Rafe following. Kate purses her lips. "I tried to help."

JJ finds Sami at the hospital and confronts her about being out of control. He doesn't think Will is going to be too pleased about her going after Abigail this way. Sami says he may be right, but wonders if JJ's ashamed of his sister's behavior. They bicker. JJ blames EJ. She tells him to ask his sister how it all went down. JJ calls her a hypocrite. Sami complains about how easy he got off from drug-dealing and theft - he and his sister are pampered brats. JJ issues Sami a warning and leaves. Sami laughs that she's shaking in her stilettos.

Rafe catches up to Jordan in the park. He hates that he hurt her. She asks if he was drunk. He says he was, but he won't blame Kate. Jordan tells him to leave her alone from now on.

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