Paige and JJ swim at the lake and profess their love for one another. JJ says he needs to text Daniel who he hopes is having a good time at the conference. He's thankful for advice Daniel gave him about Paige and mopes about her leaving for Stanford - he'll die! She's quiet. He laughs and apologizes for sounding so extreme. Paige gets up suddenly. She has to go.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve tells Maggie about the lawsuit and asks her to reason with Jennifer. Maggie explains this is Jack's legacy to do right by the veterans. Eve says that's not the only issue. Jenn's jealous that her ex, Dr. Jonas is interested in her. Maggie lets Eve know Dr. Jonas is her son. Eve seems surprised because she thought Maggie only had daughters. Maggie says she should remember. "You ran one of them over." Eve shrugs. She didn't know Maggie was so free-wheeling. She can see where Daniel gets his good looks. Maggie tells her to shut up and get out.

At the pub, Kate and Sami gloat over Victor purchasing all the DiMera subsidiary companies and Kate mocks Stefano's warning that she won't get away with this. Sami laughs. Kate also got to twist the knife further when she saw Abigail today. She brings up getting rid of Stefano's island and Sami counters that she gave away EJ's first race car to a museum in Toledo. They laugh and sip Martinis. "Their power and possessions are a vague memory." When Kate asks Sami to fill Jordan in on her fling with Rafe, Sami concludes that Kate is still madly in love with the guy.

At the hospital, Jordan introduces Clyde Weston as her step-father to Rafe. Clyde calls Jordan Tammy Sue and tells Rafe he's enjoying Salem. He goes and Rafe's intrigued but called back to work. They agree to meet in an hour. He assures her everything will be okay. They profess their love and he goes.

Abby writes her resignation letter at TBD. Ben brings up yesterday's conversation with Kate who basically compared him to EJ and said Ben was a loser. Abby can tell it bothers him and assumes his father abused him. Ben says it's not the worst thing Clyde ever called him. He reads Abby's letter, upset to learn she has to include all the dirty details. She goes and Clyde arrives. He questions why the "sweet young thing" left. Ben has good taste like his father. Ben retorts that they're nothing alike. Clyde says he's head of the family and expects his son to fall into line. Clyde shows Ben Jordan's check and says Ben still owes him. Ben sneers. Clyde can see he's "the wild bronco, fierce and fearless." He will break him again if he needs to.

Abby arrives at the hospital and runs into Jordan. Papers fly and they pick them up. Abby says Ben told her he and Jordan are siblings and that Clyde's their step-dad. Jordan hopes he doesn't get in the way of her relationship with Rafe. Jordan sees Abby's resignation letter and questions her. Abby admits an affair with a board member - EJ - left her jobless. Jordan says EJ is just as responsible. Sami arrives and moseys over. She says Abby's late turning in her resignation. Jordan starts in on Sami for judging others when her past isn't perfect. Sami tells her to stay out of this. Jordan gets catty and Sami lays it all out for Jordan about Rafe having sex with Kate.

Kristen returns to the hotel room in St. Louis to find her goon out cold. Daniel grabs her and chokes her out then takes her to a nearby supply closet. He gripes that he forgot his phone. Kristen wakes up and hits him. They struggle. Meanwhile, in the room, the goon wakes up and another henchman turns up wondering what the heck is going on.

Kate sees Rafe at the pub. He tells her about his run-in with Clyde and how awkward it was. Kate muses it's best not to risk telling Jordan about their fling right now. Rafe has to. The longer he waits the worse it'll be.

JJ sees Paige home. She kisses him and goes inside, leaving him puzzled at her behavior. Later, Eve arrives and seethes over her discussion with Maggie. Paige stops her. There's something she needs to tell her. Eve apologizes but when the phone rings she has to take a business call. Paige mutters that her mother won't be fine when she hears what she has to say.

Maggie goes to JJ at home to see how he is. He's fine but confused. She goes and Maggie calls someone about Eve and the lawsuit.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric and Nicole head to Rome.

Jordan confronts Rafe.

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