Rafe tells Ben at TBD he thinks Jordan's avoiding him. Ben says she's just busy. Sonny drops by. Rafe's going to see Gabi tomorrow so Sonny says he has photos for her. Ben tells Rafe Jordan's at work, so Rafe goes.

Clyde finds Jordan at the hospital and says he knows she's been "avoiding daddy." She's annoyed that he told everyone who he is. She hands him a check. She'll send more if he leaves. Rafe arrives.

At Will's, he asks Kate how she and Sami came to plot revenge against EJ and Stefano. Kate says Nick had his lawyer deliver the pictures of EJ and Abby upon his death. Sami sought her out because of her business acumen. They scammed the board and members are happy with it. Kate and Sami were dumping the subsidiaries where Stefano and EJ were hoarding all profits so there's more than enough money for everyone. They're being lauded as geniuses. Will thanks her and she goes. He gets his cell where he has recorded the entire conversation.

At Victor's, he asks EJ to do some consulting. EJ thinks Victor's just gloating. Victor smirks and says, "Phoenix Limited and SNE Holdings." Those are his new companies he wants EJ to consult on. SNE stands for Stefano 'n Elvis. EJ goes pale. Victor shows him the documents. He got it for half price. EJ gets hot under the collar. Victor asks if he's still interested in consulting. EJ goes nuts. Victor giggles as he congratulates EJ on his wedding.

Abby arrives at the DiMera mansion. Sami says, "Your loverboy's not here." Abby's there to see Sami. They get into it about the resignation and Abby asks if Sami thought of why EJ chose her? Sami calls it a meaningless notch on his bedpost. Abby says that's not what EJ told her. They connected over art and literature and Sami was desperate when she hired Abby to learn about art. Sami smacks Abigail lightly and says she's acting as if she still loves him. Abby never did but she knows Sami still does. Abby felt bad but not after Sami ran her down around Salem. Abby threatens to teach Sami a few lessons in vindictiveness if she comes after her again. She leaves and Sami flashes to being tortured while EJ made love to her before the wedding. She cries. It's the last time he'll touch her. EJ arrives and Harold spills that Abigail was just there. EJ goes to Sami and tells her to be careful with the company. He doesn't want her to destroy the DiMera inheritance. Sami says the kids don't need it or to live in the "house of horrors." She thinks he's more upset about that than losing her. He's not but threatens if she continues this he'll have no choice but to retaliate. She invites him to.

In St. Louis, Kristen tells Daniel he is going to ask Brady to come to St. Louis. Daniel says Brady won't jump on a flight when his father's unresponsive. Kristen just wants reassurance that she didn't ruin Brady's life. Daniel tries to trick her with a deal and then lets her know he's on to her. He knows she's recording him so she can splice his words to make them sound desperate so Brady rushes to his side. Kristen rubs his shoulders and says she has cutting edge AI software but it needs words. She kisses his cheek and says she'll get it out of him. The goon chokes him. Kristen steps out and the goon beats on him then releases Daniel's arm to give him water. Daniel elbows and knocks him out, frees himself and when Kristen returns, he grabs her.

Kate arrives at TBD. They discuss Will's quizzical nature concerning the takeover. Sonny looks concerned and asks Ben to watch TBD while he leaves. Abby shows up with tears in her eyes and tells Ben Sami forced her to resign. Ben's disgusted. Kate walks up and says she knows Sami's going overboard with her revenge but Ben's more suitable for her.

Sonny arrives home and Will attacks him with kisses. They head to bed and Sonny wonders how Sami and EJ will feel if they find out he's getting dirt for his article.

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