At the park, Ben offers to tell Rafe the truth for Jordan. She says no. Ben says they had to get away from that son-of-a-b****. Ben reminds Jordan that 'he' threatened to kill her. Ben is certain 'he' would kill to get the money back. Jordan prays Ben never sees what that man is capable of.

In the Ozarks diner, a man tells Kate he recognizes the photo of Jordan. "That's my Tammy Sue." He talks about how she grew up and took off. They make introductions. He is Clyde. Clyde asks if his little girl is happy and realizes Kate knows her by another name. Kate says it's Jordan Ridgeway. She shows a photo of Ben. Clyde says, "That's my boy." He hints that Tammy Sue took him against his will. Kate says they're in Salem. Clyde wonders why Kate came so far to inquire about them. Kate says she's worried Jordan might hurt her friend. Clyde keeps the photos and Kate's contact information. He asks Kate not to say she met him. Kate wonders what else Jordan's hiding.

Aiden joins Hope and Chase at the Brady Pub and is short with Chase. After, Hope questions Aiden about the tone he took with Chase - all she did was ask about his mom. Aiden asks her to avoid the subject - it's too painful. He nixes Hope's suggestion that talking about it might help.

At the Horton house, Jennifer and JJ discuss Eve's claim to have an agreement from Jack. JJ is outraged. Jenn warns she's not trustworthy. JJ wonders if he can trust Paige. Jenn says she'll handle this; he needs to get ready for graduation. JJ texts Paige that they need to talk. Jenn calls Aiden for legal advice.

At Club TBD, Eve expresses to Paige how great it is that they have rights to the book. Paige disagrees. She thinks Eve is doing this because she didn't like them. Eve is happy to get the money so she can give Paige everything she deserves. Paige gets JJ's text and makes an excuse to leave.

In a park, Marlena and Eric discuss Nicole. He says she'll do what she wants. They discuss not being invited to Sami's wedding. Eric cannot support her marrying into the DiMera family after Kristen.

At the rectory, Nicole tells Daniel she came to talk to the bishop not to him. After, Nicole comes clean to the bishop about destroying the evidence she found that proved what happened to Eric. She wants to know if Eric will be cleared. The bishop warns the process could be slow and asks why she withheld this information so long. Nicole sighs. "I did it for love." They debate about what was best for Eric. The bishop says she'll be in his prayers. She asks if she gets to pick what he prays for.

At home, Theresa is doing a search on John Black's net worth when she gets a hang-up call.

At Club TBD, Eve disconnects a call and muses that at least she knows Theresa is home.

In Daniel's office, Eric thanks him for what he did and wants to take him and Jennifer out to dinner. Daniel says that won't work. He explains that they're on a break because Jennifer didn't believe he would do right by Eric. Eric understands - love isn't always enough.

JJ and Paige meet in the park and talk about their mothers hating each others' guts. JJ says Eve has no legitimate claim, but Paige disagrees. They argue, but then agree to stay out of it. JJ says nothing will come between them.

At Jennifer's house, Aiden looks at Eve's claim, which appears to be legally-binding. They talk about the possibility it was coerced since Jack would have done anything to get out of the marriage. Later, Hope arrives and asks Jenn what Eve's done.

Eve arrives at Theresa's and pushes inside to 'catch up'. They insult each other. Theresa muses that men go through Eve's life like traffic through a tunnel. Eve tells Theresa she's aging. "Maybe it's the drugs." She muses about not wanting Paige around a bad influence. Theresa laughs that it's too late for that. She tells Eve that before JJ was climbing all over Paige, he was climbing all over her. She muses he was there the night she overdosed. Eve is furious.

In the square, Aiden tells Daniel he's sorry about him and Jennifer. "Is it hard on your son?" Daniel says he'll adjust. Aiden agrees. He seems to think about his own son.

Outside the pub, Nicole lets Eric know she told the bishop the true story. Eric thanks her but has nothing else to say.

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