From the Horton square, Sami talks to Kate on the phone and learns she's out of town. She freaks. Kate urges Sami not to tip Abby or EJ off. Sami spots Abby with Ben and says, "The two-faced little w**** showed up." Kate talks Sami down. "Eyes on the prize," she coaches. Sami hangs up and rushes to Abby, grabbing her in a hug, excitedly. She's glad Ben is joining Abby for the wedding "especially after that last guy you hooked up with." Sami cringes and claims she's embarrassed for putting her foot in her mouth but fills Ben in anyway.

Jordan and Rafe wake up in his bed and profess their love for each other. She's about to tell him something but he gets a call and has to go.

At the Brady's pub, Aiden and Hope discuss the gala. Chase arrives to play with Ciara. They're friends now. They toddle off to play and Giselle arrives and boasts about having a keen eye for art. She's offering 5 paintings and 3 sculptures to auction off. Roman walks in and Giselle's all over him. Hope gives him the thumbs up sign.

Eric sees Bishop White at St. Luke's. Everyone has been very forthcoming except for Nicole Walker, who refuses to cooperate. Eric says he prayed a lot on this and he's at peace. "It's in God's hands now."

At Club TBD, Marlena encounters Daniel and thanks him for helping Eric clear his name. Not everyone will. She nods to Nicole, who is at the bar. Marlena leaves and Daniel approaches Nicole and begs her to help Eric. She refuses so he calls her a selfish b****. They argue. He asks if she's the same woman who risked her life going after Chyka.

In the Ozarks, Kate is snooty with the waitress at a cafe. Ortiz arrives. He showed Ben's photo around and some guy recognized him and started acting squirrely. They were supposed to meet but the guy started asking how he knew the guy and what he wanted. Ortiz told him nothing. Some dude walks in. Is Kate the lady who hired Ortiz? She confirms and Ortiz leaves them alone while Kate shows him a photo of Jordan. It's obvious he knows her. Kate offers him money but he leaves. Some other man asks to see the photo. Kate hands it over and he mutters that it's been a long time.

Marlena arrives at the pub and jealously watches Roman flirt with Giselle. Eric arrives and introductions are made. Giselle's excited Eric may be reinstated as a priest. Nearby, Aiden and Hope order coffee but the machine is on the fritz. Hope offers to run to TBD to grab some since it'll be an hour before it's fixed. Eric sits with Aiden who talks about how his wife insisted Chase have a Catholic education. "It was the least I could do since I..." he trails off. Nearby, Marlena takes Roman aside. Giselle looks upset. Eric says the church offers counselling sessions but Aiden ignores this and comments that Giselle looks upset. Eric goes to Marlena and asks to take a walk with her so Roman can get back to Giselle. Giselle waves. "It was lovely to see you again, Marlena." Marlena says, "Yes, Michelle." Eric notices and drags her out. Giselle turns to Roman. She coos that she loves being on the arm of a muscular man like him. Ciara goes to get cookies while Chase tells Hope they won't be as good as his mother's. He misses her. Hope's sorry and asks what his mommy was like.

Sami arrives at SPD and leaves Roman a note. She thinks about seeing EJ kissing Abby and loses it. She snipes that her whole life is one big damned mistake, and throws papers around, just as Rafe walks in. He asks what's wrong but she lies that she's fine. He can still read her. Whatever it is hurt her. He thinks it's about her parents' refusal to attend the wedding. Sami says nothing and Rafe questions why she's not snarking off to him. Sami wants to spare him the lecture.

Hope arrives at TBD and sees Daniel. They discuss his issues with Jennifer. Nicole eavesdrops as Daniel says they're not together anymore. Hope can't believe that. She goes and Nicole approaches him. She apologizes for the break-up. Daniel doesn't acknowledge her words. He needs to see the bishop.

Ben meets Jordan at the park. She and Rafe are back on track thanks to him. She's ready to tell Rafe the truth. Nearby, Nicole overhears as Eric tries to get Marlena to admit she's jealous of Roman. Marlena brings up Nicole. Eric says it's out of his hands.

Daniel visits Bishop White at St. Luke's. They chat and later he runs into Nicole on his way out.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nic tries to clear Eric's name.

Eve visits Theresa.

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