At Jenn's, Eve calls Jack's death a tragedy. It must be some comfort to know that Jack lives on in his work. "That's why I'm here," she clarifies, and calls Jack's memoirs riveting, even though he left her out of it. Jenn scoffs. They were married two minutes before the marriage was annulled. They only married so Jack could get his hands on Nick Corelli's money so he could save the Spectator. Jenn says the money is gone - invested. Eve shows Jenn her annulment papers. Jack agreed to sign over his rights to long term projects. Eve's there to collect. Jenn tells Eve the proceeds from Jack’s book are going towards veterans. Eve says she can do whatever she wants with her half. Jenn gasps. She’ll contact her lawyer. This is not what Jack would have wanted. Jenn pulls out her hair and muses that Eve hasn’t changed. She’s still a conniving witch.

Rafe meets Abe with police documents in the park. Abe mentions officiating for EJ and Sami's wedding. Rafe comments that it wasn't long ago that he officiated at his own vow renewal to Sami. Abe's sorry things didn't work out for Sami but he and Jordan make a nice couple.

In the parkette, Ben blames himself for ruining Jordan's shot at happiness with Rafe. He suggests she tell Rafe the truth but she says it's too dangerous.

Paige goes off the hinges at Club TBD when JJ suggests that her mother did something underhanded to his. JJ tries backtracking. Rory and Bev burst in and mock them. Rory thought they'd be out celebrating leaving Salem Hell-hole High. He and Bev were. Rory asks JJ to ditch "Miss Glee Club" and come with them. JJ refuses and they go. JJ apologizes for sounding as though he blamed Paige's mother for everything.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie leaves Brady a message saying how proud of him she is for taking the first step. She hangs up and John walks in, hoping what she says is true. As Brady's sponsor, she can't tell him anything. Still, he's pretty excited.

At the Narcotics Anonymous meeting they discuss getting rid of all negative influences in order to focus on recovery. Later, Brady agrees to attend the next meeting.

At the Brady's pub, Theresa's hoping Brady will propose. Anne doesn't think Brady has access to his millions. She thinks Theresa has many obstacles. She's the type of girl Brady wants to play with. Not marry. Theresa bursts into tears and blames Jenn and Dan. Anne suggests she cut her losses. Theresa wants to squeeze more out of him. Anne leaves and John shows up and tells her Brady went to a NA meeting. He calls her selfish and destructive. It won’t be long before Brady sees her for who she is. Brady walks in and overhears. He yells to stay away from Theresa, who says she supports Brady’s decision to go to NA. Brady tells John the meetings don’t work for him anyway. He leads a smirking Theresa out.

Kate speaks to Ortiz over the phone at the Horton square, who says he has a lead. She sees Jordan who is flashing to dancing with Rafe. Kate taps her on the shoulder and asks if she took her advice. Jordan snaps to stay out of her business. Speaking to him made things worse. Kate beseeches Jordan to try harder.

Rafe jogs through the parkette and Ben stops him. He asks Rafe to trust his sister and be more patient with her. She’s only trying to protect them. He goes and later, Jordan arrives. Rafe missed her. They agree to give it another shot.

Back at Jenn’s, Eve reminds Jenn that she had all the advantages and the guys while Eve didn’t know her father and lost her innocence at the tender age of 14. Jenn starts yelling as JJ and Paige walk in. It’s awkward and Eve drags Paige off while Jenn asks JJ not to speak to Paige for now. She’ll explain it all in the morning.

Kate sees Maggie at the club. They discuss her firing and Kate makes some snide remarks. Ortiz calls and tells her to get on a plane to the Ozarks.

Eve eats yoghurt at the square while she tells Paige she and Jenn weren’t friends. Plus, she was once married to Jack. Paige groans. Eve says their marriage was annulled, “Because we never actually...” She asks Paige not to talk to JJ tonight.

Brady drinks at Theresa's apartment and mumbles about hating his dad. Theresa giddily realizes John’s the key.

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