At Jenn's, Paige tells JJ their mothers went to school together. Eve arrives and Jenn's jaw drops. She tries to get rid of her until Paige introduces her as her mother. The kids get drinks and Jenn's skeptical when Eve says she found out who JJ was an hour ago. Jenn checks on dinner and Eve says she hasn't been to this house in decades. She knew JJ's grandparents and says Jenn had many advantages growing up. Jenn returns and tells everyone the roast isn't ready. She sends the kids to a restaurant and asks Eve to clear the air. "About Frankie." Eve knows she drove Frankie off on her own just like Paige's dad. She learned from her mistakes and is stronger for it. "How about you?" Jenn's confused. Eve reminds her she threw Frankie away for Jack but it's "ancient history" just like their rivalry. Eve apologizes about Jack and laughs about Jenn forgiving Jack over and over. She reminds Jenn of when she let her know she married Jack. Jenn flashes back and furrows her brow. They agree to move on but Eve isn't sure Jenn can be as supportive of Paige once she hears what she has to say... "This is all about Jack, you and I."

At the park, EJ scolds Abigail on her behavior at the mansion earlier. Both their lives will be ruined if Samantha finds out about their affair. Abby knows and is trying to move on. She tells EJ she finally met a man who isn't trying to manipulate her. She's worried he'd leave her if he found out she was a home-wrecker.

At the Horton Square, Ben's friend asks if he's looking for Abigail who he saw heading to the park.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady holds a vial of cocaine in his hand and stares at the rye decanters. Maggie arrives and he asks for help. "I'm scared," he confides. He talks about using when he's drunk and Maggie suggests he attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Anne finds Theresa at the Brady's pub, perturbed with her cohort's behavior. Anne asks if Theresa knows what she likes best about her. "That I hate Jenny Prissy-pants and Dr. God?" Anne says yes but she needs to do something about it. Theresa has tried everything except using her niece who is JJ's girlfriend. She has to be careful with this because her half-sister is a total b****. Anne laughs and asks for the dirt. Anne coughs up her drink when Theresa says she's the good sister. She brings up Brady resisting her and Anne assumes he's not into her anymore. Theresa says it doesn't matter and motions to John at the bar. He's in her corner and doesn't know it yet. She fills Anne in on John and Brady's issues and goes to John to taunt him about how much fun she's having with his son. John calls her an enabler. His son has a substance abuse problem and he thinks Brady will die if she keeps encouraging this reckless behavior. He appeals to her to let Brady go and though Theresa looks as though his words are affecting her, she argues that his son has just started to live. John leaves and Theresa texts Brady.

At the hospital, Abe tells Marlena he's performing Sami and EJ's wedding ceremony tomorrow. Marlena didn't know they were getting married and wishes she could be happy for them.

Back at the park, Ben catches EJ with Abigail. The men meet and EJ quickly says they were discussing wedding plans. He invites Ben as Abby's date and Abby cringes. EJ goes and Ben says he'd love to go with her especially because he doesn't trust EJ at all. Abby's surprised. Most people find him charming. Ben says where he's from, you get to be a good judgement of character. "Where's that?" asks Abigail. Ben pauses and says it was a small town.

At Club TBD, Paige and JJ agree it seems like their mothers have a history together. Paige thinks it's got something to do with someone named Frankie. JJ gasps. He recalls Jenn talking about someone from her yearbook and assumes it was Eve. They're rivals!

Marlena finds EJ at the square. She heard about the wedding. EJ says it wasn't his place to bring it up but he asks her to attend. EJ knows she doesn't approve but he did so much to help her family. She appreciates that but attending would be hypocritical. "That's why Roman's not attending." She knows EJ and Sami have never brought out the best in each other. "It's my believe that you never will."

Brady ignores Theresa's text while he's at an NA meeting.

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