At the DiMera mansion, Abigail falls while hanging lights and EJ catches her. She says she's a hypocrite and can't be there. Sonny and Will arrive and Abigail storms out. Abigail tells Will she can't be Sami's maid of honor. Will thinks Abigail could be a good friend to his mom even though it's weird. Abigail says she'll make it work. After, Sonny, Will, and EJ discuss Sami making Abigail an instant wedding planner and Abigail being so freaked out. EJ asks Will to be his best man. He tells Will he's loved Sami for 8 years. Will agrees to stand up for him. EJ says Sami will be thrilled.

At the park, Sami makes Kate laugh by telling her she asked Abigail to be her maid of honor. Kate thinks Sami's much smarter than she was years ago. They discuss Stefano. Sami warns Kate not to underestimate him. Kate says he's in love with her. She tells Sami he was beside himself when she said she wouldn't move into the mansion as long as Sami was there. Sami cautions her to stay focused; her plans to destroy Jordan will have to wait. Kate says she encouraged Jordan to help Rafe. Sami realizes that she wants to distance herself for when the bomb drops. Kate confirms it. Sami tells Kate that even if she breaks them up, Rafe won't go back to her. Kate wonders if Sami will try to get Rafe back now that she's dumping EJ. Sami tells Kate she’s marrying EJ. Kate sighs, "Yes, for revenge." They bicker about whether Sami could get Rafe back. They finally agree to stay focused and not to see each other until after the wedding. Kate wishes she could be there to hear Sami say, "Until death do us part."

At the Horton house, Jenn asks JJ to tell her Paige's mother's name, but then gets a work call. After, she reassures JJ everything will be fine. JJ thanks her for always being there for them. Abigail appears and says she can't make the dinner and needs tomorrow off for Sami's wedding. Jenn and JJ are stunned when Abigail says she's Sami's maid of honor. Jenn asks if she wants to do it. Abigail says she owes Sami. JJ takes Abigail aside and says she needs to stay away from EJ for her own sanity. Abigail asks how he found out. JJ says he could see how bad Chad hurt her, and now she’s expected to attend his brother’s wedding. Abigail exhales. "I can’t let Sami down." Jenn reappears and tells Abigail she’s proud of her for being selfless. Abigail snaps that she’s anything but. She tells Jenn to have fun meeting Paige’s mom and leaves.

At Paige's apartment, she is stunned to hear that Eve knew JJ's parents. Paige asks if they were friends. Eve says they ran in different crowds and avoids answering more questions. They discuss Jack's death. Paige thinks her mother is acting weird and suggests she not come tonight. Eve wants to go. Paige mentions she just started reading Jack's book. Eve takes the book and talks about Jack being a character capable of getting into trouble; it makes her concerned about JJ. Paige argues that JJ’s not his dad. It's time to go to dinner. Eve tells Paige not to text JJ – this is best as a surprise.

Outside the pub, Jordan tells Rafe the thing with Gabi seems to be hitting him hard. He wants to talk about them. Jordan says he doesn't need to worry about her. Rafe says Gabi told him the same thing and look where she is now. He can't go through that with Jordan. Rafe wants to know what happened with Jordan and Ben. Jordan says he doesn’t know what he’s asking. Rafe talks about how paranoid she acts; he sees it and wants to keep her safe. Jordan cries that this is the first time she’s felt loved. Rafe asks her to please tell him. Jordan agonizes, but says, “I can’t.” He replies, “Then neither can I.” Kate is hiding and listening.

Sami returns to the DiMera mansion where Will tells her to ease up on Abigail; she’s snapping.

EJ finds Abigail in the square and warns her what happened at the house can never happen again.

Paige enters the Horton house while Eve parks the car. She tries to warn JJ, but Jennifer opens the door and asks, "Eve?" Eve smiles. "Long time no see."

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EJ invites an unexpected guest to the wedding.

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