At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Abe chat about the wedding. EJ asks Abe to perform the ceremony as Sami arrives. She grits her teeth as EJ tells Abe it's a surprise. Sami whispers that she has some surprises of her own. Sami makes her presence known and Abe agrees to be there for her at the wedding. He mentions Abigail being a great girl. EJ kisses Sami. EJ thanks Abe for putting his feelings about him to one side.

At Club TBD, Abigail stresses about getting roped into doing the wedding. Tad appears and says Ben's not there and teases her about liking him. She mentions helping Sami plan the wedding. Tad muses that you don't want to get on that woman's bad side. When Tad say EJ's a pretty cool guy, Abigail's reaction twigs his curiosity. Abigail shrugs that she just can't wait for this wedding to be over. Later, outside, Abigail meets Sami and tells her she's not entirely comfortable with her role. Sami offers to let Abigail back out as maid of honor, but says she's the only friend she has who knows firsthand what an incredible guy EJ is. Awkwardness ensues as Sami gushes about EJ. Abigail finds herself agreeing to give a reading at the ceremony.

Ben and Jordan meet in the park. He realizes things are still messed up with her and Rafe. Jordan says Rafe is hurting, that's all. Ben thinks he's being a jerk. Jordan feels it's a blessing in disguise - it's only a matter of time before 'he' finds them again. They argue about whether they're safe in Salem. Ben insists they've been careful and if something comes up they'll handle it. He doesn't want Jordan to give up on love with Rafe.

At Brady's Pub, Kate tells Rafe he's punishing himself for what Gabi did. He thinks he could have prevented it. Kate says he's dead wrong. She adds that Gabi wouldn't be pleased about him destroying his happiness with Jordan. Later, EJ appears and tells Rafe he and Sami have moved up their wedding. He hopes he'll be there. Rafe says it won't happen and mutters that Sami will see the kind of man he is eventually.

At the Horton house, Paige tells Jennifer her mom is home. They discuss how she traveled for work. Jenn is pleased for Paige and can't wait to meet her. Paige chatters about her mother and Jenn asks to see a picture of her. Paige's phone won't bring one up. Jenn tells Paige to bring her mom to dinner tonight. Jenn thinks she'll be getting a new friend.

JJ stops by Paige's place and Eve, doing up her blouse, says, "You must be JJ." She clarifies that she's not Paige's cousin - she's her mother. Eve asks JJ to sit and tell her about himself. They talk about his music. Eve asks for his full name, but gets a call. JJ says he should go. By the elevator he worries what Eve will think about his past. Later, Paige comes home and Eve tells her JJ was there. Paige seems upset - there were some things she wanted to tell her first. "You have to promise to keep an open mind and not go off." Eve mentions JJ's guitar and worries he's part of the stoner rock 'n' roll scene and Paige is going to Stanford. Paige asks Eve to give him a chance - tonight. Eve agrees. They ponder what to wear. Paige says the Deverauxs are very casual. Eve gasps. "What! Your boyfriend is JJ Deveraux?"

At the hospital, Jordan learns a woman is waiting to speak to her - it's Kate. She says they have something in common - they're both worried about Rafe. Jordan asks why Kate's there. Kate hisses that Rafe needs her - she may be the last person who can help him. "So do it."

At home, Jenn tells JJ that Paige was looking for him. He says he met Paige's mom. Jenn asks, "What did you think?" JJ flashes to Eve doing up her blouse and stammers, "Pretty." Jenn tells JJ she found a picture of her nemesis in high school. "Do you want to see her?" JJ talks to Jenn about Paige's mom judging him for his criminal record. Jenn reassures him. She says Paige told her she reminds her of her mom. JJ shakes his head - he didn't get that.

Ben returns to Club TBD and Tad tells him Abigail was with Sami.

Outside the pub, Jordan finds Rafe, who has just called to check in about Gabi.

In the park, Kate encourages Sami to stay steady. Sami assures her she's got this - the two of them won't know what hit them.

Abigail falls off a ladder while hanging lights outside the DiMera mansion and EJ catches her.

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