Eric wakes up in bed at Theresa's. She left a note about his big meeting this morning and a vial of cocaine.

Aiden accidentally bumps into Theresa at the hospital and as he picks up the papers she dropped she flirts. Aiden invites her to purchase gala tickets for her and a date. Brady interrupts and accuses Aiden of hitting on his girlfriend. Aiden tells him to relax. Brady wants to take it outside and Aiden says, "Okay well you're not sweating bourbon this time so..." Theresa interjects and Aiden takes off.

Daniel snuggles Parker at the Kiriakis mansion and admits to Victor and Maggie that he and Jenn are taking a break. Victor takes Parker away so Parker can kick his bum at video games as Maggie questions her son. Dan says he thought Jenn knew him but she doesn't. He starts to wonder if he's not the man he thinks he is. Maggie stomps her foot and crosses her arms. She thinks Jennifer Rose is the one who is wrong. They need perspective. Daniel can't ignore what Jenn thinks though he wishes he could. Maggie fears this sounds permanent. After Daniel goes, Maggie fills Victor in.

Hope arrives at Jenn's and notices she has her yearbook opened to Eve Donovan's photo. Hope says never to look back. Jenn explains JJ was curious but she didn't mention to the kids about Eve and Jack. Hope sees no reason to bring that up and assumes Eve's out milking some old geezer for all he's worth. They discuss Bishop White receiving the documents which will clear Eric's name. Jenn confesses she and Daniel are finished because he doesn't think she has faith in him. She details how she told Eric that Nicole kept Chyka's documents from him because she knew Daniel wouldn't spill. Aiden shows up to see Hope and tells Jenn about the gala. He hopes she'll go with Daniel and invite all her friends. It's awkward and Hope finally signals him to stop. Jenn briefs him on what's happening and he apologizes before he and Hope leave for a catering meeting.

Paige and her mother Eve reunite at their apartment. Eve notices her daughter looks different and says, "Mistress of the universe, take charge." She squeals and tells Paigey-girl they'll have the best summer ever. Eve thinks they need a new place to live since "Cousin Joan is style-challenged." She talks about getting throat surgery and by fall she'll be singing again. That money will send Paige to Stanford. Paige is disbelieving and starts looking up financial aid on her cell. Eve fishes for information about JJ but Paige isn't forthcoming. She just wants them to meet. Tonight. She invites Eve to JJ's mother's dinner party and assures her mom she'll love JJ's mother. Eve voices her concerns about Paige's aunt Theresa but Paige hasn't even seen her since she's been in Salem. Eve's glad but says Shane told Theresa she's in town so she has to deal with her. Eve asks Paige to leave the door open when she goes. "It smells like kitty litter and cheese puffs" in the apartment. She calls Theresa and then hangs up on her. She'll need a drink before she deals with 'that one'.

JJ sneers when Cole stops him at the Horton square. Cole rats Bev out, saying she hired him to plant weed in Paige's purse. JJ sees Bev and goes after her. He finds her outside the Brady's pub and they argue. Bev thinks JJ could do better - with her. JJ tells her to stay away from Paige and him. She crossed the line. Bev goes and JJ receives a text from Paige to meet at 'home'. Meanwhile inside, Hope and Aiden look at menus and Aiden sighs. He has a knack for saying the wrong thing. He invites her to the gala. Hope asks, "As friends?" She agrees to it.

Brady takes Theresa to the park to ask her to categorize their relationship. She shrugs. They're having fun. He wants more. She grins. He's serious. They kiss and Theresa gets Eve's hang-up call. Later, Brady talks about how much he trusts Theresa and she jumps into his arms, touched. She asks for a hit of coke but he's out. She says she'll try to get more and leaves when Anne texts. After she's gone, Brady holds up the vial of coke. He leaves and Daniel walks through with Parker. He's a lucky dad.

JJ arrives at Paige's but she's not home. Instead, he gets a look at a half-dressed Eve. Meanwhile, Paige arrives at JJ's.

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