Eve Baron (Donovan) meets Daniel in his office. She tells him she lived in Salem a long time ago. Eric arrives to the nurses' station to see Daniel and overhears a nurse on the phone talking about Marlena cancelling all her sessions today. He runs off. Back in Daniel's office, Eve cozies up to Daniel and he tells her about the good success rate in her throat surgery. Eve says payment's not going to be an issue. She fishes and is happy to hear he's single.

At home, JJ urges Jennifer to work things out with Daniel. They look through her old yearbook and find photos of Jenn and Frankie. Jenn recalls someone else was rather interested in him. She can't find the girl's photo in the yearbook but thinks it's better left in the past.

At her hotel, Nicole and Marlena go at it over how much they hurt Eric. Nicole escorts her out and they run into Eric. Marlena tattles that Nicole refused to help clear his name with the bishop. Marlena takes off and Nicole clarifies she was just angry because Marlena was all up in her grill. He won't hold his breath that she'll help him. He reminds her to take off his engagement ring and goes. Nic takes the ring off and calls Bishop White. She has no intentions of helping Eric - ever.

Kate arrives at Victor's. He offers her champagne and hands over a pink slip and giggles. "You're fired. You're history. Ding dong the witch is dead." He warned her about hooking up with Stefano and accuses her of passing on business secrets. Kate is outraged. She did no such thing! She accuses him of being jealous that she's working it out with Stefano but he scoffs at that. He's nauseated. He kicks her out.

Inside the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Harold to bring snacks to the garden. Sami gazes at Stefano's portrait. "What is it you always say? Revenge is a dish best served cold? I'm on it." Sami follows Harold outside later and becomes manic, babbling about wedding plans. She sends EJ to the garden house and thanks Abby for everything. They hug and Sami seethes. She offers tastes of wedding cake and makes remarks about Abigail being above temptation. Meanwhile, Kate barges into the mansion looking for Sami. She finds her with Abby in the garden. Sami tells her to get lost and Kate throws lemonade at her. Sami smushes cake into Kate's dress and food flies everywhere. Harold and Abigail attempt to stop the madness and EJ arrives. Kate throws cake at him and accuses him and Sami of getting her fired. She promises Stefano will hear about this. She stomps out and Sami nonchalantly tastes cake from EJ's chest. She sends Abby with Harold to get cleaned up and tells EJ she let a lie slip to one of Victor's henchman that they managed to steal the secret formula from Madworld. EJ gawks. The board meeting is going to be difficult enough. Sami apologizes and he grins. Later, EJ has changed and Abby returns. She's afraid of what Sami would do if she ever found out... Sami walks in and drags Abigail home. Later, Henderson is on a call with Stefano. He says Kate seemed sincere and protective of Stefano.

At the Horton square, Paige watches Bev argue with Cole. When Cole leaves, Paige approaches and asks who that was. Bev tells her he's some old friend who got caught shoplifting. Paige says he's the one who tried to get into her purse. Bev says it doesn't surprise her. They part ways and Cole returns. Bev calls him an idiot. Paige was close to finding out they're connected. She goes and Eve wanders, taking in the new sights.

Paige arrives at Jenn's with news. Her last final is complete. Jenn finds a photo of Eve in the yearbook and flashes back to Eve taunting her about marrying Frankie. Jenn shivers. Victor arrives with the latest figures for Jack's book. They're negotiating for the movie deal. Victor sees Eve's yearbook photo. He thought "that miserable tramp" was gone forever. Jenn says JJ found it. She admits she didn't tell him Eve married Jack.

At the Brady's pub, Roman catches a glimpse of Marlena walking in. He fakes a call to Giselle to make her jealous. Marlena's upset about her run-in with Nicole and shares the details. Roman holds her hand and comforts her.

Eric goes to Daniel's office, looking for help.

JJ waits for Paige while doing his community work at the square.

Paige arrives home and her mother comes out for a hug. It' Eve.

Sami meets Kate at the park. They hug and agree that went perfectly. Sami will be in touch. She goes.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ is startled while looking for Paige.

Paige is warned to stay away from someone.

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