On the phone at Club TBD, Hope's filled in on a case by Abe. She hangs up when Aiden arrives and tells her "evil is vanquished and justice is served." Aiden starts placing yellow pieces of folded paper on the table to form a dominos layout. Howell arrives. He got Aiden's message which sounded like a threat. He is tired of Aiden's games and isn't giving up his contract with Salem Ballroom. He asks what the cards are that Aiden's stacking and learns they're months of parking tickets from Howell's visit to Chicago. Unpaid! Hope says, "Naughty, naughty, naughty." Aiden says Kurt could face jail time, there are so many. Howell gets the picture and calls the Salem Ballroom to cancel his contract. Hope snags the ballroom and Aiden offers to represent Howell on the parking fines. Howell leaves and Hope admires Aiden's tenacity. Aiden brings up Gabi and offers to lend an ear. Hope's thankful he got her to smile.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls someone to ask for their vote at the next board meeting. He wonders where Stefano is and what he's up to. Outside, Sami assures Abigail that Rafe will find his way back from his dark place. Abby can see she still has feelings for Rafe. Sami calls him a good guy and thanks Abby for her friendship and for seeing EJ as a good guy, too. They head inside and Sami makes out with EJ in front of Abigail who fidgets. As awkward as it is, Sami drags EJ and Abby outside to the place they'll marry. Abby's shocked when Sami asks her to be her maid of honor and tries to get out of it. It's JJ's graduation day, but Sami says the wedding is before the graduation. She can do both. Abby freaks out and Sami assumes she's thinking about Chad. She apologizes and goes to get food. Meanwhile, EJ grabs Abby and orders her to get through this. She throws him off. He assures her Sami has no idea they were lovers. Inside, Sami opens a manila envelope and stares angrily at a photo of EJ and Abigail kissing.

In the Horton square, JJ tells Marlena he got an A on his history exam. He gossips about Eric and Nicole and hopes things work out for them.

At the Brady's pub, Eric tells Nicole he's not sure what his next move is but the bishop will likely want to speak with her. She is up for that but Eric doesn't trust what she'd say. In fact, he doesn't think he'll ever believe anything she says. "And why would you," someone nearby says. Nicole looks up. It's Marlena. Nicole calls her on enjoying dispensing withering looks and judgemental remarks and goes. Eric explains that Jenn told him the truth and thinks his mom has a right to say 'I told ya so'. Eric leaves and Marlena follows.

At Daniel's, Jenn sobs that she loves Daniel and wants another chance. They kiss. A part of him wants to move on but he can't give her another chance. He kicks her out. She stays and they rehash whether he'd have told Eric what Nicole was keeping from him and Daniel's convinced Jenn doesn't see that he has integrity. Daniel asks her for time and at his request, she leaves her key when she goes.

At work, Daniel puts away Jennifer's photo. JJ arrives to brag about his history final. Daniel's thrilled he might make the honor roll. JJ boasts about dating Paige and asks if he's coming to the dinner Jenn's having for him for graduating early. Daniel's not going. He's taking a break from Jenn and asks JJ to talk to his mother. JJ leaves and someone arrives for a consult for throat surgery. She introduces herself as Eve Baron...

At her hotel, Nicole reads the headlines and learns Gabi's in prison. She gasps and calls Rafe with her support and love. Marlena arrives and barges in, demanding an explanation. They wind up name calling. Marlena says Eric sees her as "A devious, neurotic liar." She thinks he'll go back to the priesthood but Nicole says not if she doesn't speak to the bishop. Marlena can "forget about being momma of the priest." She'll have to settle for being "the b**** who unleashed Sami to the world. And Eric can kiss his holy orders goodbye."

Jenn arrives home and flashes back to making love to Daniel. JJ arrives and tells Jenn he heard the news. She has to fix this!

Eric meets Hope at the square with an update about the gala. He tells her about clearing his name, which cheers her up.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Kate's fired.

Jenn takes a walk down memory lane.

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