At the Brady's pub, the barmaid tells Nicole Eric left already. Sami walks up and asks how she screwed things up with Eric. Nicole doesn't want to get into it but Sami wants to hear "The Nicole Walker Spin." Nicole says she loved Sami's brother too much. Sami rolls her eyes and asks Nicole to give her a break. They start talking over each other and eventually, Nicole admits she had the proof to clear Eric's name but withheld it a while. Sami assumes Nicole got the proof to clear Eric's name while she was with Chyka. She calls Nicole selfish and Nicole calls her EJ's w****. They slap each other and wind up on the floor rolling around.

Eric takes Chyka's documents to Bishop White at St. Luke's to clear his and the church's name. Eric explains Dr. Jonas tracked them down after Nicole Walker kept them hidden. The bishop can't make promises but if things work out, his case may be reopened. His entire life could be changed. Eric's relieved.

Jenn pops by Daniel's. They argue about the way Daniel thinks Jennifer perceives who he is. Jenn insists she used the wrong wording but Daniel's done. Maggie arrives, crying. She heard about what Gabi did to Melanie. Daniel knows Melanie is strong and will be just fine. They agree to videochat with her soon and Maggie will see him for Parker's homecoming party. She goes and Jenn is shocked Daniel didn't tell her about the party or what Gabi did to Melanie. "What is going on?" Daniel says he can't be with someone who doesn't believe in him. Jenn pleads with him for a second chance. They both weep and she kisses him.

Will finds Sonny and Arianna asleep in the living room at home. Sonny was hoping Gabi could sleep in. They remember Gabi's in prison and the mood turns somber.

Abigail runs into Ben at the Horton square. She complains she's busy which he translates into her ditching him. She explains she had a big project dumped on her but she'll see him later.

Jordan dreams she and Rafe are making love but wakes up alone at home. Ben calls and lures her to the club with free coffee. She considers heading to Rafe's to have it out with him.

Rafe wakes up in his bed next to Kate. They agree this was a big mistake. Rafe wonders how it happened. Kate says he was in terrible pain. She enjoyed every second of it but it happened because they were drinking. Rafe reminds her she wasn't and she smirks. "Whatever. Nobody can find out. It'd ruin everything." They hear a noise in the hall.

Abby arrives at Sonny's and plies Sonny and Will with muffins to get them to help plan Sami and EJ's wedding. They assume Sami's making her do this. She flashes to sex with EJ and nods. Will knows how Sami can get but she and EJ will appreciate the help. He notes that EJ likes Abby and he doesn't like anyone.

Jordan arrives at Club TBD. She had a rough night without Rafe. Kate walks in and overhears Ben remind Jordan she put her life on the line for him. He'll never forget it. Jordan goes and Kate takes a picture of Ben and leaves. Rafe arrives. He tells Ben Jordan's better off without him. He knows Jordan is running from something but can't protect her. He tried to protect Gabi and look how that turned out.

Eric arrives at the pub. Nicole and Sami are fighting on the floor. Eric breaks them up and Nicole tells Eric Sami would rather marry EJ than help nail the woman who hurt him. Eric asks Sami to leave and stop harassing Nicole. "Everything she said about you and EJ was true," Eric says. Sami accuses him of taking sides. Eric says he loves Sami but this is not the right time to discuss this. He knows EJ knew what Kristen was doing the entire time and Sami made the choice to stay with him. Sami's worried for Eric but he tells her to go. She sticks out her chin defiantly and leaves. Eric tells Nicole there's nothing left to say.

Kate arrives at Sonny's with a gift for the baby. She fishes for Ben's last name and once Sonny tells her she runs off. Later, Will finishes an essay and complains that he's not earning money. Sonny tells him not to worry. Sonny thinks he can help his husband.

Abby meets Jordan in the square and asks after Rafe. Jordan says he's just trying to 'deal'. Abby notices the spot where Nick died and how their lives changed. She gives Jordan a pep talk until Sami drags her away to discuss wedding plans.

Kate's in the park on a call. She asks someone to use Ben Rogers to get the dirt on Jordan.

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Marlena yells at Nicole for what she did to Eric.

Hope's impressed with Aiden.

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