High on cocaine, Brady completes a business deal on the phone at the Kiriakis mansion. "We're gonna turn this mother out," he says. He has to explain that the term means he's very pleased. He hangs up, glad Victor will be off his case. He texts Theresa to meet and takes out some cocaine to celebrate. John arrives and Brady puts it away. John starts in about trying to save his son but Brady doesn't want to listen. He asks, "Did you hear the superhero siren go off?" John freaks out, realizing his son's high. Brady says he was up all night and is just wired but John knows better. Brady takes off.

Theresa reads her text from Brady with a smile at the Horton square and spots JJ. She sees him looking at a necklace and asks if it's for Paige. JJ wonders how she knows his girlfriend's name. Theresa overheard it she says but doesn't think innocent Paige is his type. JJ tells her Paige knows everything there is to know about him but Theresa's just teasing. She doesn't care about his "artificially sweet teen romance." JJ tells her to get a life and goes.

Paige and Mary Beth head into the Brady's pub, glad they're close to graduating high school. Mary Beth asks if she's nervous that her mother's about to meet her "loser boyfriend." Paige defends JJ but Mary Beth says her mother will flip out when she learns about JJ's past.

Abigail and Ben make out at the park and talk about going on their first date. In the parkette, Sami and EJ warn Kate not to attempt to derail their wedding. Kate wonders if Sami's worried she and Stefano are planning a double wedding. Sami goes at Kate and EJ pulls her off. Kate wanders away and Sami asks EJ how fast they can 'get it done'.

Jordan eavesdrops as Rafe hangs up on a call with his mother. Jordan gives Rafe a pep talk which pisses him off. He yells at her to stop. He promised his mother to take care of his sisters and didn't and he wants to deal with this on his own. He sends Jordan away. Outside, Lucas greets Kate and they gossip about Gabi admitting to being part of Melanie's kidnapping. Kate takes a call and Lucas goes in to discuss it with Rafe. Kate interrupts and scolds her son so Lucas goes. Kate says she's there just to drink. Rafe tells her he let his sisters down. She disagrees. Rafe says it was the same with his romantic relationships. Kate reminds him it takes two but Rafe tells her Jordan's keeping a secret and it's got his White Knight complex going full force. Kate reminds him she didn't need him to rescue her.

Back in the park, a text takes Ben away from Abigail. Sami and EJ come along and Sami asks Abigail to be her unofficial wedding planner. EJ goes pale. Abigail stammers that she's flattered but the timing is off. Sami offers to pay but Abby doesn't know the first thing about planning a wedding. EJ gets between the women and Sami says she and Abigail have similar taste. They've a connection. EJ starts prodding and Abby finally agrees. Sami confesses she and Abby have been working on a secret project but won't say what it is. She runs off and once she's gone, Abigail pounds on EJ's chest and asks what's wrong with him. EJ says if she had refused, Sami would have become suspicious. All that matters is he loves Sami and his family. Nearby, a frustrated and hurt Jordan goes to Ben and tells him how Rafe's hurting and won't let her comfort him. Ben's supportive but she feels she's already lost Rafe.

Paige arrives at JJ's and he gives her the necklace which he calls a good luck charm for the end of high school. Paige is enchanted. They kiss and Paige tells him Mary Beth was bad mouthing him but nobody can change her mind about how she feels about him. They kiss and JJ notes she's been reading his father's book. He seems both glad and a bit uneasy.

Brady arrives at the square and downs a martini in one gulp. John follows and Brady takes Theresa back to her place.

Brady and Theresa finish having sex at her place. "That was nice," he says and bellyaches about his "freaking father." Theresa comments that he's just trying to protect him. This gives her an idea.

Sami walks by the Brady's pub on a call and says she and EJ set the wedding date. "It's gonna be perfect," she enthuses.

Rafe and Kate have gone back to his place where they roll around and have sex in his bed.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole and Sami get physical.

Kate spots Jordan with Ben and gets curious.

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