At the Horton square, Kate calls Stefano and playfully asks when he's returning home. It'll be a while she learns and as EJ walks up Kate says she knows Stefano has to have his ducks in a row and show them who is boss at DiMera Enterprises. She hangs up and EJ questions her. She says his father appreciates her business sense. EJ thinks Stefano appreciates her other assets. Kate says neither she nor Stefano holds grudges and EJ should learn something from that. EJ bursts out laughing as Kate wanders off.

At Club TBD Abby admits to Will and Sonny that Gabi's not the friend she thought she was. She tells them about what Gabi did to Melanie. Will didn't know. The baby cries so the guys take her home while Ben asks Abby for a walk.

From home, Daniel reads a vocal cord surgical report for a new patient and flashes to Jennifer's lack of faith in him. He calls Melanie about Gabi and when Mel learns Gabi's in prison, she says she wants to visit. Daniel's happy to hear.

At SPD, Rafe feels he has let Gabi down. Jordan disagrees. Hope interjects. There's one last thing to deal with in Gabi's case. Rafe asks Jordan to let him deal with this on his own so she leaves, sadly. Hope lets him know about what Gabi did to Melanie. Rafe agrees to tell Daniel himself. Once Jordan goes, Ben calls. She tells him Rafe still needs more space and thanks him for being a great brother.

Marlena finds Sami at the Brady's pub. She heard about Gabi's sentence. Sami guesses her mother wants her in the cell next to Gabi. Marlena wants Sami to take responsibility and show some regret but Sami can't. The only regret she has is that Nick wasn't dead before he was pulled from the river. Marlena snaps that Nick was human. She plays Nick's message asking for professional help. Despite herself, Sami's affected but she says he blew all his chances and she's glad the monster's dead. She goes. Hope arrives and tells Marlena she feels she let Nick down because she wasn't there for him. Marlena calls that counter-productive and a life lesson. It's the ones who have no regret that worry her.

Will and Sonny arrive home and Sonny fesses up to knowing about Melanie. Will's pissed. Sonny explains he would have betrayed Chad and his father if he told him. Will realizes this is why he and Gabi didn't get along at first. He forgives his husband but worries it'll get ugly for Gabi. They canoodle on the sofa and mope about Gabi.

Rafe drops by Daniel's and says Gabi's on her way to prison. Daniel's sorry. Rafe tells him what Gabi did to Melanie. Daniel takes it all in. He wonders how Gabi could do this. Rafe says Melanie knows and Nick was using the information to blackmail Gabi. Rafe's sorry. He admits he has known this whole time and encouraged Gabi to keep it a secret. Daniel's shocked. Rafe's a cop! Daniel blames Rafe for his daughter leaving town. Rafe knows it was a huge mistake and is sorry. Daniel asks Rafe to go so he can call Melanie and once he does, he tells her he's sorry she had to go through this.

Abby and Ben walk to the park with frozen yoghurt and Ben asks her about her travels to London. She regales him with stories of the theatre and museums. Her dad taught her a lot about art and history. She mentions Jack's book. The profits go to a veteran charity and she says a studio is negotiating rights to make it into a movie. Ben finds her family accomplished. She asks about his but he says they're boring. She thanks him for distracting her and cries over Gabi's poor decisions spiralling out of control. Abby remarks how easy it can happen but Ben assures her it won't happen to her. Abby flashes to sex with EJ. What if it already has? Ben says everyone makes mistakes. They kiss.

Back at the square, Sami finds EJ and he mentions his conversation with Kate. They worry Stefano will try to stop the wedding out of desperation to get Kate back. They confront Kate who says there can be only one Mrs. DiMera in the mansion and it won't be Sami.

From the club, Rafe drinks beer and calls his mom about Gabi's sentence. He calls it good news but she cries. Jordan walks up as Rafe tears up and says he knows he promised her... she hangs up on him.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abby's put on the spot by Sami.

John suspects Brady's using.

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