Brady wakes up hung over at Theresa's with a huge heart tattooed on his arm. "Oh my God," he exclaims. Theresa tells him to relax. It's temporary. She offers him what looks like Fruit Loops and he passes on that and cocaine. He goes off to shower.

Jordan flashes to Sami ranting at her as she watches Sami and Kate arguing at the Horton square. Sami warns her not to try to stop her wedding to EJ. Kate wouldn't dream of it. Sami shovels in the frozen yoghurt and says, "You're such a nosey Parker." Jordan walks up. "Speaking of which," Sami sneers. Kate snaps that she and Sami are having a private conversation. The ladies snipe at each other more and when Sami goes, Jordan asks what Kate said to Sami about her to make her dislike her. Kate said nothing. Jordan doesn't get where Sami's animosity coming from. Kate shrugs. Sooner or later Sami feels that way about everyone. Kate says get used to it. It'll get worse once Kate exposes Jordan for the fraud she really is.

Ben gets Hope and Julie coffee at Club TBD. Hope lets Julie know as Nick's family, she has a right to object to Gabi's plea deal. Julie looks it over and calls it a joke. Hope says the family has no issue with it. Julie cries that this isn't justice and praises Nick until Ben interjects and calls Nick a maniac. "Have I asked for your opinion?" Julie snaps. Ben apologizes and goes and Hope says she's devastated that Nick's dead but she can't pretend he was innocent. A long drawn out trial won't help. Julie disagrees. They leave and Jordan arrives. She's down about Rafe so Ben advises her not to blow their chance at a new life. She grins and takes off.

At SPD, Rafe whines to EJ about his sister getting 10-20 years for offing a man everyone hated. EJ hopes nobody hears him talking like this. Gabi comes in crying and concerned someone from Nick's family will have an issue with the plea deal. Hope arrives as EJ and Rafe are escorting Gabi to the courtroom. Julie turns up and says she's there to take Gabi's future away from her. Rafe stands up for his sister. EJ takes Hope aside and she runs off to make a call. She returns and Rafe reminds Julie that Nick only got four years for killing Trent. "A despicable man," Julie says. Rafe says, "Exactly..." Julie gets a call as everyone heads into the courtroom.

Victor goes to Will at his place. He heard Gabi's going before the judge today and offers his support. He's paged and leaves and Will wishes Gabi would have allowed them to be with her during sentencing. Sami shows up and tries to reassure Will. Rafe calls and Will says they'll be right over.

Victor arrives at Theresa's and barges in. He asks, "Where's my grandson you little tramp?" She offers him cereal. "How about some disinfectant?" He demands she get Brady. She gets feisty and Victor can see she gets her fire from her mother. He calls her a gold digger as Brady comes from the shower. Theresa leaves them alone and Victor's pissed that Brady missed a whole day of work and is ignoring friends like Rafe who need him right now. Brady's got a lot on his plate. Victor threatens to disown him if he doesn't get his act together. "You'd better start making some changes now or I'll kick you out on your drunken ass." He goes and Theresa returns. They do a little coke.

Back at SPD, Gabi, EJ, Rafe, Hope, and Julie walk out of the courtroom. Gabi thanks Julie who tells her that the family didn't want Nick's name dragged through the mud. Julie hopes Gabi serves every minute of her 20 years. Julie goes and EJ tells Gabi she'll likely be paroled a lot earlier. Rafe tells Gabi the guys are bringing Ari by. Gabi tells him he's more than a great big brother. He's the only dad she has ever had. She cries and Rafe chokes up. Will and Sonny bring Arianna in and Gabi snuggles her. They promise to talk about Gabi daily and visit her so much she'll be sick of their faces. "Never," Gabi cries. She asks Sonny to be the one to sing Ari to sleep since Will sings off key and calls Sonny kind and generous. Sonny calls her his family. Gabi tears up again when telling Will she'll miss her best friend. Will grins. She's stuck with him. Outside, Sami arrives and thanks EJ for getting Gabi that deal. Jordan arrives to lend her support to Rafe. Gabi says goodbye to everyone. She tells Rafe not to be sad for her. She'll use this time to become a better person. She's led to prison.

Victor arrives at TBD where Ben gets him his favorite coffee. Victor spots Kate. He heard she was out of town on a secret rendezvous with Stefano DiMera and reminds her she's his employee and canoodling with his biggest competitor is a bad move. He threatens to fire her.

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