Tad brings Rafe a beer at Club TBD as EJ arrives to show Rafe Gabi's plea deal. If Gabi accepts, the sentence will be 10-20 years. It's generous. If it goes to trial, the jury will learn that Gabi allowed Andrew to kidnap Melanie. She'd be blamed for the chain of events which led to the explosions in the tunnels. Unless Nick's family doesn't object, and Gabi signs, it'll go through. Rafe thanks EJ for taking care of his sister and when EJ goes, Tad asks if he can visit Gabi. Rafe thinks Gabi would appreciate that.

Jordan visits Gabi in jail and tells her the prison sentence won't affect how she feels about Gabi or Rafe. Gabi cries that Rafe's been a great big brother. She doesn't want him to be alone and is grateful Jordan's in his life. She asks Jordan to promise to update her with how he's doing. Jordan hesitates since she's not sure where their relationship is going but in the end promises to make sure he's happy. She goes and Tad arrives. He wishes he could have helped her before things got this far. He tells her that her calc professor was at the club this morning and gossiping about her. "I accidentally on purpose dropped hot sauce into his soup," Tad admits, making Gabi laugh. Tad asks her not to tell Sonny. She laughs and says, "T, I love you sometimes." They hug fondly before he goes.

At Paige's apartment, which looks like Theresa's, JJ and Paige are getting hot and heavy on the sofa when her mother calls. Paige mishears her mother saying she's home and they struggle to dress until she realizes her mother says she's coming home this week. They hang up and Paige says her mother hasn't even been to Salem yet. She sent Paige to Salem ahead to stay with her cousin who she says her mother doesn't believe is the best influence. Paige admits she hasn't told her mother about JJ's past, but is certain she'll love him despite that.

In the Brady's pub, Nicole tells Eric he doesn't know the whole story just as Marlena and Sami walk in. Marlena questions Nicole, who asks to be left alone because they're having a private conversation. Eric tells his family that he and Nicole aren't going to elope. Sami asks why nobody told her they were eloping in the first place. Nicole snaps at Sami for making it about her and Eric says he can't discuss it now. He asks them not to gloat. Sami and Marlena take the hint and go. Nicole blames God for everything she did to Eric and can't believe Eric, a man of God, won't forgive her. Eric's incredulous. He tells her their love was based on a lie but Nicole disagrees. She yells that she forgave him for accusing her of rape. "Why can't you forgive me?" she cries. They go around and around and finally Eric says he forgives her but can't ever forget what she did and how she showed him who she really is. He walks away.

At Jenn's, she tells Daniel she doesn't believe neither him nor Nicole would have told Eric the truth, which is why she felt she needed to. Daniel's offended. Does she think he's dumb or that he doesn't have a moral compass? Jenn says no but reminds him he has lied for Nicole before. Nicole has a hold on him. Daniel insists he'd have told Eric if Nicole hadn't. Jenn still doesn't believe that. Daniel's disappointed. He's not sure she knows him at all which means he doesn't really know her, either. Jenn tears up as he walks off.

In the busy Horton square, Sami is gleeful Eric dumped Nicole. Marlena thinks her daughter is latching on to this to distract her so she will forget what Sami did to Nick. Marlena has to see her patients, ones she says know that running away from their problems never works. She leaves and EJ walks up. Sami fills him in on her brother and Nicole. EJ looks pensive. He spoke with Kate earlier and says she was lying when she said she was out of town on business this week. "She was with my father." Sami's intrigued. EJ says Kate's angry with her for throwing her under the bus with Marlena. He assumes Kate will try to turn Stefano against them. "No way. She'll find herself under a triple decker bus. I will kill her," Sami blurts. Everyone turns around to stare and EJ blasts Sami quietly for talking out of turn in public.

Back at TBD, Rafe tells Jordan about Gabi's plea deal. Jordan tells him about her visit with his sister and devises a plan to keep his mind off his troubles. Rafe refuses so she takes off.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jordan worries Kate has ratted her out.

There's a face-off between Theresa and Victor.

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