In the square, Marlena watches as Kate and Sami talk. She follows them to the park, where Sami tells Kate that Gabi told her mother everything. They are debating about how concerning this is when Marlena shows herself. Kate singsongs to her about the weather. Marlena confronts them about their poor judgement. Kate reminds her she showed a video of her son having sex in front of the whole congregation. Marlena says attempted murder is different than playing a videotape. Kate warns Marlena to keep quiet and leaves. Sami figures Marlena is going to list all her past transgressions now. Marlena insists she wasn't, she just wishes Sami would stop being so impulsive. Sami knows the exact moment her life got turned inside-out. Marlena intones, "So it's still my fault." Sami apologizes. She says Marlena always tried to protect them, and that's what she and Kate were doing with Gabi. Marlena leaves after Sami calls her judgmental.

At the station, Julie wonders when Hope was planning to tell her that Gabi Hernandez murdered Nick. Julie demands to see Gabi. Elsewhere, EJ tells Gabi he has a plea deal. They debate about whether she should take it or try her luck with a jury. EJ warns it's a risk. Hope appears. She says Julie Williams wants to see Gabi. EJ says absolutely not, but Gabi agrees. Julie appears. EJ establishes that it's off the record, and goes. Gabi tells Julie she doesn't blame her for hating her. Julie talks about telling Nick's grandparents, and says Nick loved her. "Why did you kill him?" Gabi replies that she couldn't take it anymore. He tried to control her life and she was afraid to set him off. Julie hopes she hates herself and rejoins Hope, who tells her Nick had emotional problems and made life hell for a lot of people. Julie thinks he deserved a second chance, but Gabi took that away, so she shouldn't get one either.

Outside Club TBD, JJ fights with the guy who tried to put joints in Paige's purse. JJ hurts his head, but then gets the upper hand. The guy runs off, and JJ stops Paige from calling the police.

At the Horton house, Eric tells Jennifer he saw Daniel and got the papers. She's sorry for everything, but mainly that Nicole broke his heart. Eric explains how the documents were shredded and then pieced back together for blackmail. Eric gets angry at Nicole's actions. "She said she loved me!" Eric says the church was a victim too due to bad publicity. Jenn wonders if he'll return to the priesthood. He's taking things one hour at a time. Jenn asks, "What about you and Nicole?" He can't answer. They talk about Nicole's trust issues. Jenn says that to Nicole, what she did was a direct attack.

Daniel opens his apartment door to leave and Nicole barges in swinging. They struggle and he holds her as she sobs, "I love him." She asks Daniel why he destroyed her life - she trusted him. "Look what you did." Daniel says it had to be done. He asks why she didn't tell Eric. She says Jennifer beat her to it. Nicole notes that Jennifer obviously didn't believe either of them would tell Eric. She informs him that he and Jennifer are both dead to her, and says this isn't over. "I am going to be happy."

EJ spots Kate at Club TBD and confronts her about traveling to see his father. They debate about on-again/off-again relationships. Kate thinks EJ should cancel his wedding - bringing Sami back into the DiMera household would be a mistake. She tells him Marlena knows about the river incident and warns Sami only cares about Sami.

In the park, Bev is upset with the guy who muffed up the plan to set-up Paige. She tells him there won't be a next time and calls him a loser, but then apologizes. Bev says there must be another way to break those two up.

At Paige's place, she tends to JJ's wound and they kiss. He agrees to stay and they start to undress.

Daniel and Jennifer embrace in her doorway. She tells Daniel she went to see Eric after hearing him arguing with Nicole in the hallway - he needed to know the truth. They argue over whether Nicole would have ever told Eric herself and completely disagree. Daniel says Nicole would have told Eric, or he would have done it himself. He asks if Jenn believes him.

Eric lets himself in to Brady's Pub after hours and Nicole enters. Eric doesn't want to hear excuses or lies. He tells her to remove the engagement ring from her finger. Nicole refuses.

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