At the station, Abigail tells Gabi she knows the truth. She notes they are friends, but Gabi says, "I was never your friend." She admits she hired Andrew, the guy who kidnapped Melanie. "I wanted Chad for myself." Abigail digests this news and asks if Melanie knows. Gabi sobs that it's part of the reason she left Salem. An officer takes her out and Abigail cries.

At home, Daniel texts Rafe that he heard about Gabi and to call him. Eric arrives and wants to know about the papers that will clear his name. Daniel says he's sorry for what Nicole did. Eric snaps that he just wants the papers. Daniel says she set them both up. He gives Eric the papers. He tells him to go home and read them. Daniel is glad Nicole told him the truth. Eric says she's not the one who told him - it was Jennifer.

At the Horton residence, Jennifer learns by phone that Daniel left the hospital to go home. She opens her front door to leave and Nicole is there. Jenn tries to leave but Nicole rants that she hates her and will never forgive her. Jenn says she had every right to tell Eric. They argue about who ruined his life. Jenn complains about Nicole's lying. Nicole insists she would have come clean, but Jenn doesn't believe it. Nicole says Daniel would have ensured she told Eric, but Jenn is still unconvinced. She points out how many chances Nicole had, and how she manipulated Daniel. "You are tearing Daniel apart because he cares about the truth, and he cares about you very much!" Nicole realizes Jenn is still jealous of her and Daniel. Jenn asks her to stop twisting things. "You made your bed, now go lay in it." After, Jenn gets a call from Daniel and asks him to come over.

In the park, Bev tells a guy friend who just got out of jail and needs money that Paige Larsen is hanging out with JJ. She wants him to drop a couple joints in Paige's purse for her - she'll take it from there.

At the cafe, Will and Kate discuss Gabi. Will says she's holding up pretty well - she's just concerned about Arianna. Will says he will ensure they visit plenty, but laments she'll never properly know her mother.

At Sonny's apartment, Ben tells Paige she's mistaken about having seen him in Miami. JJ and Paige offer to help Sonny any time and then leave. Outside the door, JJ gets a message that Bev wants to meet. Later, Will returns. He tells Sonny and Ben that he tried to reassure Gabi about Arianna. He hopes Abigail can cheer her up. Ben leaves. Will and Sonny agree they'll make this work for Arianna.

JJ and Paige meet Bev in the square. She asks JJ to help her study for her physics final. Paige nods. JJ agrees and tells Paige he'll meet her at Club TBD in an hour. Bev texts the guy who got out of jail. While studying, Bev hints to JJ that Paige is a party girl. JJ warns her about trying to make Paige out to be a druggie and leaves.

Paige spots an old friend at Club TBD and the guy who just left jail watches. He gets up and spills a drink on Paige. When she and her friend step away to clean up, he has access to Paige's purse, but she catches him before he can put the joints in. JJ appears mid-confrontation and chases the guy outside where a fistfight ensues. JJ goes down.

At the hospital, Ben tells Abigail it must have been tough finding out one of her good friends killed Nick. Abigail says it turns out she wasn't a good friend - their whole friendship was a lie.

At the station, Kate tells Gabi she's not sorry she killed Nick; she's only sorry she got caught. Gabi assures her the incident at the river won't be mentioned. Kate knows Gabi did this to protect her child. They cry. Kate tells Gabi she'll make sure Arianna knows she loved her enough to sacrifice everything.

Eric becomes emotional as he reads the papers in the park.

In her room, Nicole sobs and throws things.

Eric arrives at Jennifer's door. They embrace.

Daniel opens his apartment door and Nicole is there. They struggle.

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Daniel and Jennifer disagree over the situation with Nicole and Eric.

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