At the Horton square, Brady goes after his father with fists flying. Theresa and Hope break it up and Hope tells them to find a better way to disagree or she's hauling them into SPD. John gets a text. Sarcastically, Brady asks if it's Kristen, letting him know if she's available. John says it's about Gabi Hernandez. Hope explains she was arrested for murdering Nick. Everyone's morose and Theresa decides to call her parents.

JJ finds Bev at the park and flashes to Paige telling JJ that Bev was scheming to make her think she got tested for STDs after sex with JJ. JJ confronts Bev who denies scheming. She applies lip gloss and says she doesn't want Paige's snooty friends to think she's been sleeping around. JJ scoffs and says it brought them closer together anyway.

Paige looks for JJ at his house but finds a bitchy Abigail instead. Paige turns to go but Abigail apologizes and starts to cry. There's a lot going on right now she explains, and to top it off, she's bloated and cramping. She usually takes Midol Complete for this but she's all out. Paige just happens to have a box of Midol Complete in her handbag and whips it out. Abigail's relieved. She admits she feels like she has lost her best friend, Nick's ex-wife. They head in and chat until JJ arrives. Paige goes to call her mum while Abigail fills him in on Gabi's confession. JJ feels awful. He takes Paige to Sonny's.

At Club TBD, Jordan knows how Ben gets when he sees a man mistreat a woman. Ben snaps thinking Jordan doesn't think he's any better than 'him'. Jordan knows he's better than 'him'. She just got scared, remembering what happened...before.

At home, Will stops Sonny from blaming himself for bringing Victor's gun into their home. Sonny calls Ben to ask him to drop off the paychecks to him to sign since he can't get in today.

At SPD, Gabi apologizes to her brother but Rafe feels he drove Gabi to shoot Nick. "A good brother never would have let that happen." Gabi blames herself for letting Nick control her. She makes no excuses for her behavior. "I have to pay." They debate whether EJ's the best lawyer for her. Gabi says it doesn't matter because it boils down to this: "I had no right to take his life." Rafe says, "I held you. I held you the day you were born. I know you're not a bad person." Gabi tears up. She can't allow him to fix her. She won't forget all he has done for her. She loves him but needs to stand on her own two feet. He'll tell their mother. He goes off once Will arrives and tells Gabi that Arianna's been calling out to her. She sobs and Will holds her. They recall the day they met, when Sydney went missing. "You're still my best friend," Will tells her. She gives him instructions on how to care for the baby and Will promises to talk about Gabi and write to her daily. He goes and Abigail arrives.

At Theresa's, Brady says Rafe was married to Sami and he and Rafe were friends. Brady wants to see him but Theresa doesn't think he's in the best shape. They agree he should call. Theresa takes off to get food. She'll stop by and see Will before she returns. Brady leaves a drunken message for Rafe about how sorry he is about Gabi. Theresa returns and seduces him with coke.

Ben arrives at Sonny's and holds Arianna while Sonny calls their accountant. JJ and Paige arrive to tell Sonny how sorry they are. Paige talks to Ben and remembers him from Miami.

In the park, Rafe calls his FBI friend Tim. He asks for everything he has on Fallon's time in prison. Jordan finds him. He says he wants to feel as though he's doing something for Gabi. He feels guilty. Jordan hugs him. She thinks there's still a lot he can do for Gabi. He wonders how to tell their mother that her baby's going to prison. He calls and does so. His mother sobs. She puts a friend on the phone and Rafe wishes he could tell her everything is going to be okay but he can't. Nearby in the parkette, Hope stares at Bo's photo wondering how she'll get through this without him. "Where the hell are ya Brady?" Aiden finds her there. He offers to listen so she breaks down in his arms. Aiden knows Gabi confessed to Nick's murder. Hope wanted to believe Nick changed. They bond a little when Aiden talks about how well he thinks he knows her.

From the Brady's pub, John leaves a message for Marlena, offering to hear her out about what happened with Gabi.

Bev takes a call outside TBD. She heard the caller was back and wants to update them on the new and improved JJ Deveraux.

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