At Club TBD, Ben finds Abigail looking at a photo of him with Gabi. He snaps, asking where she got it. She captured it with her cell phone. Ben calms down and as Abby gets a call, he rips the photo up. Abby returns and they discuss Nick's murderer possibly being someone they all know. Later, Ben admits he found her old modelling photos online. Abby's embarrassed.

At the Horton square, Sami tells Rafe that Gabi has been arrested for shooting Nick. Rafe can't believe it and runs to the police station. Sami blames Jordan for Rafe being incommunicado.

At SPD, Hope tells Marlena Gabi Hernandez killed Nick. Marlena's shocked. Hope asks if she'd consider talking to her. Marlena agrees to it. In another room, Gabi cries to EJ about going to prison for a long time. EJ says they can argue that Nick provoked her. Gabi says she didn't shoot Nick because she hated him or because he attempted to rape her. She did it for her daughter. EJ assures her she'll still be a part of her daughter's life through email. Gabi gasps. Arianna can't read. EJ says she'll grow up knowing who her mother is. He'll do all he can to keep her sentence to a minimum. Gabi promises to keep quiet about her, Kate and Sami throwing Nick into the river. EJ tells her Percy Ruggles won't say anything either and all of the evidence from that night no longer exists. Hope lets Marlena in and EJ says her conversation with Marlena be off the record. EJ and Hope leave them alone and go to her office. Rafe barges in and asks what the hell's going on. He thinks EJ talked Gabi into this. Meanwhile, in the other room, Gabi tells Marlena about Nick trying to take her and Ari to New York. She opens up about Nick attempting to rape her and hitting him with a rock. She says Kate and Sami arrived and they thought Nick was dead so they dragged his body into the river. Later, she talks about shooting him. "I just kept firing but for a second, he saw me. He knew that it was me. I think it was better that he knew it was me." When he died, it was better, Gabi said. Everyone could be a family again. Outside, Sami arrives and takes EJ aside while Hope shows Rafe some evidence against Gabi. Rafe goes in to see Gabi. She bawls in his arms and apologizes for disappointing him. Hope and Marlena leave the room and with Sami, they go into Hope's office. Marlena thinks there are mitigating circumstances as to why Gabi killed Nick. She thinks any psychiatrist who interviews her will find this the case. Hope leaves and Marlena glares at Sami until Sami asks what Gabi told her. Marlena can't discuss it but Sami knows that Gabi told her everything.

Theresa and Brady have sex on the sofa at her place and then do some coke. They go at it again and decide to go out. She goes off and Brady grabs the vial of coke and then shoves it away.

In the garden at St. Luke's, Eric tells Nicole deliberately keeping the evidence from him wasn't out of love. She insists it was and has something to show him.

Nicole brings Eric to her place. She had the picture of the first sunrise he took in Africa framed for him. He gave her the photo because she helped him. She calls it a connection. He's confused. She says she'd have kept this secret until her death which is a sign of how much she loves him. He tears up and asks how she felt about lying to him. She admits she felt like hell. Eric says at least now she has absolution but that's not what she wants. Eric learns Daniel has the evidence to clear his name and leaves.

Jordan arrives at Club TBD. Abby goes and Jordan tells Ben Gabi confessed to Nick's murder. Jordan didn't feel as though it was her place to tell Abby. She admits she's relieved it wasn't Ben. This shocks him. Outside, EJ finds Abigail and tells her Nick's murder case has been solved but he can't say who it is. He leaves and Abby gets a text. She mouths, "OMG."

Brady and Theresa drink and dine at Mandalay while John watches. Brady is coming down off his high so Theresa offers more coke. He doesn't want it but when he sees John he takes it and goes to the men's room. John goes to Theresa to give her a warning and when Brady finds them together, he hits his father.

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