Jordan and Rafe canoodle at her place. She turns his cell phone on vibrate and they make love, twice.

Gabi confesses to killing Nick at SPD in front of Will, Sonny, Lucas, Hope, Sami and EJ. When DA Beverly Jenkins walks in, EJ urges Gabi to keep quiet. Hope lets Will go and everyone leaves the room so EJ can counsel Gabi. Sami, Lucas, Sonny, and Will head into Hope's office, shocked that Gabi killed Nick. Will thought he was protecting Sonny. They learned a valuable lesson. Sonny calls his husband the bravest around. Hope walks in. Ari's there with the social worker. Hope tries unsuccessfully to get a hold of Rafe. Sami knows this will kill him. In the next room, Gabi assures EJ she shot Nick. EJ says she still needs to fight this. EJ considers they could say she was traumatized by Nick but Gabi doesn't want to lie. EJ reminds her many people will attest to this. Gabi says she shot Nick three times. She wanted him dead and did it for Arianna but each time she holds her, she can only see the gun. Gabi says she couldn't let Nick take Ari away from those who love her and couldn't stand up to Nick. She agrees to allow EJ to get her the best plea deal possible. She tells them of the night in question and says she overheard Nick telling Sonny that he was controlling her life and if she didn't comply, she'd go to prison. Jenkins is confused so Gabi brings up hiring Andrew to stalk her, him kidnapping Melanie, and how he blackmailed her into letting him do it. Gabi says she was at home and overheard Sonny and Will talking about having the gun. When they left, she got a call about the court date for a custody hearing she didn't even want. Nick wouldn't have stopped until he took her baby away from Will. Gabi goes on to admit before Nick left for New York, he attacked her. She sobs and says she was scared. She took the gun and went to the park. Nick was on the phone and didn't see her. She fired the first shot which hit him. He turned and looked at her "and he was so surprised." She fired two more shots. She put the gun in her bag and went to the square where he followed her. She thought she could pretend it never happened but she sees him all the time. That's all they need so Jenkins takes a stab at EJ and walks out. Gabi apologizes to Hope. They agree they wish things could have happened differently but Hope doesn't believe Nick deserved to die. She goes and Gabi sobs and asks to hold her baby.

At home, Jennifer stares at a photo of her, Daniel, Nicole, and Eric and flashes to going to Eric in the garden at St. Luke's. She tries to call Daniel and Marlena shows up. She says Eric asked her to watch out for her. Jenn says they've become friends. Marlena mentions Eric leaving town but Jenn doubts that'll happen. Marlena's paged and has to go.

Nicole arrives at St. Luke's garden to Eric who is in shock. She asks if he's ready to go. "What about Daniel?" Eric asks. They can't run away from a friend in trouble no matter what. Eric tells Nicole he has lost her. How could she do this? He demands Nicole stop lying. Jennifer told him everything. He wants to hear it from Nicole, now. Nicole keeps quiet and Eric can tell she's thinking of more ways to deceive him. He knows she destroyed key evidence that could have cleared his name. She admits it's true but didn't set out to hurt him. She had every intention of telling him the truth the day she returned with the proof to clear his name. It was then that Eric told her he was certain he didn't want to return to the church. She couldn't let him go. She tried to tell him, then she destroyed the evidence. Liam found it and blackmailed her. Eric can't believe she put people's lives at risk in order to protect her lie. Nicole says she did it out of love but Eric argues that this had nothing to do with love.

At home, Will promises Arianna they're not going anywhere. He puts her to bed and Sonny learns Gabi's being processed. They won't see her for a while. Sonny says from now on they must tell each other everything. They hug and he says, "Will Horton, you've got to be the most romantic idiot that I've ever met."

Sami rushes Rafe and Jordan in the Horton square. She hugs Rafe and says she's so sorry.

Jenn looks for Daniel, who is in surgery at the hospital.

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Marlena is shocked to learn a secret about someone in her family.

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