JJ stops Jenn at the hospital to tell her Eric and Nicole are eloping today. She's shocked. It must be why he quit his job. Jenn wonders if the couple is returning to Salem and why they kept this from her and Daniel.

Marlena finds Eric in the garden at St. Luke's. She can tell he's preoccupied. He tells her he and Nicole are eloping today and leaving Salem. Marlena's stunned and says last time he left it was for several years. Eric reminds her time won't change their relationship. She tears up and he holds her. She asks why he has to go. He doesn't answer but tells her to be there for Sami and for Jennifer because of her recent loss.

Daniel shows up on Nicole's doorstep in a foul mood. He leaves the door open and says her plan to elope to Vegas is not going to happen. Nicole lies that Eric forgave her and they thought it was best to get away from Salem. Daniel almost calls Eric but Nicole stops him and yells that there's nothing he can do. Daniel concludes that she never told Eric the truth. Nicole admits that she tried but she couldn't hurt him like that. Daniel's confused. Then why was Eric upset with him when he saw him? Jennifer arrives outside and eavesdrops as Nicole says, "I told Eric you were in love with me." Daniel goes ballistic. "Why didn't you tell him that I killed somebody or that I was cooking meth in my spare time?" Nicole pleads with Daniel not to say anything. She talks about getting the proof Kristen drugged him and destroying the evidence because she couldn't hurt Eric. Daniel offers to go with her when she tells him the truth. He's not a friend to her only when it's convenient. Nicole agrees to go with him and says Eric's at the church. Daniel's paged so Nicole promises to tell Eric alone. He goes to work and Nicole bawls. She calls Eric and tells him Daniel's out of his mind. She'll be there in a minute. Eric hangs up and Jenn arrives at the church yard to spill the beans.

Hope stops by Gabi's and tells her Will confessed to killing Nick. Expressionless, Gabi nods. Sonny told her. Hope's surprised she was just going to take the baby to the park. Gabi says the baby doesn't know and she needs 'sunshine and fresh air'. Hope has some questions regarding her statement. Hope opens the closet door and looks around. Gabi asks if Will signed the confession and learns he hasn't and that EJ is trying to convince him not to do this. They make small talk about the baby growing so fast and Gabi becomes emotional. Later, Gabi tells the baby how much she loves her. Hope will have to send ballistics over later. Gabi says that's not necessary. She wants to spend as much time with the baby as possible. Hope says it's time to go...

Lucas arrives at SPD. Hope called him in. Abe says she had to step out. Lucas asks Sonny what's going on. In the next room, Will tells Sami and EJ, "It's done." EJ offers to help with his resources. Will allowed Nick to blackmail him and allowed Lucas to take the blame for him shooting EJ. It's time to stand up. In Hope's office, neither Lucas nor Sonny is 100% sure Will shot Nick. Roman arrives and Will doesn't want to see him or anyone else. Sami tells Will that Lucas wanted to make that sacrifice for him. "Do you want to take that away from him? You talk to him before you say anything else. You owe your father that." EJ takes the statement and tells Will not to sign anything without a lawyer. Lucas walks in and hugs his son. Sami and EJ leave. Lucas admits he was going to shoot Nick but somebody did it before he could. Will says he did it. Lucas hates EJ but tells Will to listen to him. Will refuses and asks the guard to get Abe so he can sign his confession. Sami and EJ go in Hope's office where Sonny tells them about Victor's offer to move him, Will, and the baby to Indonesia. Sonny didn't kill Nick but the last time he saw the gun the night in question, Will had it. Everyone files back into the room and Hope and Gabi arrive. Gabi tells him not to sign. She knows he didn't kill Nick, "Because I did that." Everyone's jaw drops.

Jenn returns home to JJ and he tells her Marlena called.

Nicole meets Eric at St. Luke's and he's pissed...

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

The truth about Nick's murder is revealed.

Eric confronts Nicole over her deception.

Jenn ruminates over the repercussions of her decision.

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