At the Horton Cabin on Smith Island, Liam tells Jennifer it's too late for him to get help and it's too late for her. He whips out his gun and Jenn starts panting. He says, "You wouldn't, couldn't love me, just like all of the other hateful b**ches. You have to die." Jenn cries.

At Club TBD, Ben and Abby argue about him protecting her against Nick. Ben thought Nick looked like he would snap. He'd hate to see what he's capable of. Abby hopes she didn't give him the wrong idea...Ben says he'd have gone after "that jerk" no matter who he was yelling at. Besides, even if he was interested, clearly, she's out of his league. She realizes he's joking and they both apologize for the way the run-in went with Nick. Abby chalks up his protectiveness to being brought up by chivalrous parents. Ben frowns.

Jordan blurts out that she's in love with Rafe at the Brady's pub. She's upset she blurted it out like that and told her brother. Rafe tells her he's totally and madly in love with her and she kisses him. Suddenly, Rafe's glad her brother came to town.

Abe and Theo take Maxine for a picnic at a special part of the park that Lexi used to take Theo. Abe had no idea. Theo says his momma told him to take him there one day - today. Theo sees his friend Sawyer and runs off. Abe apologizes but Maxine thinks it's important to keep Lexi's memory alive. Lexi and Maxine's husband Carl, who passed, will always be a part of their life. Maxine tells stories about Carl accidentally wiping out her roses and they share a laugh. They bond over their losses and Maxine receives a text. She's honored he asked her out and Theo returns and hugs her goodbye.

Eric comes up with a plan at Daniel's to send Brady to get a confession from Theresa. Eric leaves and Dan notices the bug Liam planted. He almost pulverizes it but thinks twice and texts someone.

Theresa packs a bag at home and runs into Brady on her way out. She says she's going home to take care of her sick mother. Brady's bummed and accuses her of leaving town because she's guilty. She denies it and he asks her to stay and be completely honest with him.

At Jenn's, an anxious Nicole begs and Maggie reluctantly tells her Jennifer's at the cabin. Nicole lies and says this is about her, not Daniel. She runs out, hoping it's not too late. She calls Jenn.

Back at the cabin, Jenn's cell rings and as Liam grabs it, she snags a poker and smashes him in the back with it before running to the door. Liam grabs her and throws her on the sofa. She pretends she's turning on Daniel and that she cares for Liam. He puts the gun down and while he's hugging her, Jenn tries to get it. He notices and freaks out. He grabs the gun but before he can shoot, Nicole arrives and bashes his head in with an oar. They start to run but Liam points the gun at them. Jenn begs him to save her friend.

From the Horton square, Eric tries to track down Nicole. He can't and smacks right into Maggie, who tells him she just saw Nicole who seemed agitated. Eric receives Daniel's text and goes.

Jordan goes to TBD and Ben assumes she's there to read him the riot act. She tells him Rafe's in love with her but asks that he not butt in again.

Back at the pub, Abe and Rafe get coffee and discuss Abe's date. He feels a little guilty about enjoying himself. Rafe thinks Lexi would have wanted that.

Maxine returns to the hospital after lunch and finds Abby who says she is sick of men trying to take care of her problems for her. Maxine gives her a pep talk about cutting them some slack. Abby thanks her and when Maxine starts humming, Abby attributes it to a gentleman. Nearby, Jordan arrives and receives a love text from Rafe.

Maggie returns home to the Kiriakis mansion and tells Victor her concerns about Daniel and Nicole needing a friend. Victor says that nut job needs a lobotomy. He thinks Maggie should relax. Jenn and Dan will be fine. Maggie giggles.

Eric and Dan arrive at Theresa's. They show her the bug but she hasn't seen it. She finally confesses that Liam Frasier did this.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Daniel and Eric search for Jenn.

Ciara has a plan which includes Aiden.

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