When Gabi leaves the custody agreement on the sofa at home while getting the baby, Will arrives and sees it. He reads it and when Gabi returns, he accuses her of reducing his visitation to his daughter. Gabi denies wanting to keep him from their daughter so he assumes this is Nick's doing. Gabi denies that. She admits she was shocked when she read the agreement, too, but it's not how the final custody agreement will read. He hopes not. She leaves him with the baby to run errands and he calls EJ to come over.

From the Kiriakis mansion, EJ makes another call about the surveillance cameras and learns they weren't working the day he and Abby were on Smith Island. He stares at the photo and it occurs to him he has the date wrong. This was taken the second time they were at the cabin. He makes some calls to get a hold of the name of everyone on the ferry that day. He takes Will's call, locks the picture in the desk, and goes.

In the park, Abby and Nick argue about how Nick made Will and Sonny's life miserable. Abby calls Gabi and Will's custody battle none of his business. Nick gets in her face and Ben rushes him. Abby stops Ben from hitting Nick and asks Nick to go. When he does, Abby yells at Ben for surmising the worst about her argument with her cousin. Ben refuses to apologize for protecting her. He leaves.

Marlena and Jordan discuss patients at the hospital. Rafe texts Jordan and Marlena comments that Rafe's "quite a guy."

From the Brady's pub, Rafe tells Nicole she should be honest with Eric about Liam's blackmail. "Honesty is the best policy." Nicole flashes to finding and destroying the evidence and agrees. She goes. Jordan arrives and Rafe dives head first into a discussion about Ben being protective. Jordan admits Ben's acting this way because she told him she was in love with Rafe.

At Daniel's, Daniel tells Eric he doesn't think Theresa drugged him - someone else is calling the shots. Eric comes up with an idea.

Liam arrives at the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Jenn's surprised to see him and grins. Why is he there? He needed to talk. She says she has to be on the next ferry, so they can walk and talk. When she attempts to leave, he gets in between her and the door. He asks her not to shut him out so she asks what's wrong. "You know what's wrong," he yells. He thought they were friends. She insists they are but he rants about Daniel being her world and lets it slip he knows about the pills found in Daniel's apartment. Jenn goes pale and asks how he knew about that. He talks cryptically but soon, Jennifer realizes he's behind Daniel's set up. In shock, she asks, "You?" She yells and he starts to cry. He just wanted her to love him. He starts talking cryptically again, this time about his past lovers. She was his last resort. He confesses he sent out the photoshopped photos and posted the nasty posts on the hospital forums. He spills everything to her, saying he did all of this to show her Daniel was the wrong guy for her. She assumes he's there to apologize. She will help him get help. He says it's too late for him. "It's too late for you, too," he says, pulling out a gun.

At the Horton square, Maggie spots a distracted Nick. She asks what's up. He admits sometimes the people of Salem get to him but everything is going his way. Later, Nicole arrives and the bank teller gives her the photo of Jennifer that Liam left behind at the bank. Nicole worries for Jenn. Nearby, Gabi meets Nick to tell him about Will's reaction to the custody papers. He tells her not to be concerned. They make out and Percy interrupts with business. Nick signs some papers and Percy goes.

Marlena arrives at Will's. Will hands her a gift - a picture of her and the happy couple from the wedding. She's moved. EJ arrives and Will opens up about the custody agreement. EJ reads the papers and they discuss Nick's part in this.

Nicole, in a panic, goes to Jenn's. Maggie answers. Nicole demands to know where Jenn is. Maggie hesitates before saying she's at the cabin.

From Club TBD, Ben thinks to himself that Abby's wrong. Nick's trouble! Abby shows up and wants to talk about him scaring Nick off. Ben thinks what he did was justified.

At EJ's office, a fax comes through. It's a photo of everyone who was on the ferry. Percy's one of them.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Daniel finds something shocking in his apartment.

Abby and Ben are into each other.

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