From the Kiriakis mansion, EJ wonders who took the photo of him kissing Abigail. He remembers it was January 3 and calls a goon to get the surveillance footage from the ferry waiting area.

Abby overhears Sonny at Club TBD talking about Gabi going to see Aiden Jennings. Abby feels bad since she sent Nick to him but he swore he wasn't up to anything. Sonny doesn't believe that. Ben arrives and he and Abigail make googly eyes at each other. Ben goes off and Sonny lets Abby know Ben thinks she's hot, too. Abby blushes. Ben returns with coffee and they get acquainted. She gets a call and runs out, leaving him to curse himself for not being smooth.

At the park, Nick threatens that Sami had better show him some respect. He won't use what he has on her if he gets what he wants which is a happy life with Gabi. He says with her powers of persuasion, she'll ensure his past isn't brought up at the custody agreement. If it happens, she and the others will be in prison. Sami sneers. After she's gone, Abby meets him to confront him about hiring Jennings for Gabi's custody agreement. Nick refuses to discuss it and figures she has turned her back on him. At the Horton Square, Ben puts Rafe on notice. Rafe assures Ben he'll never hurt his sister. Ben leaves and Rafe makes a call to Jordan. They need to talk. Over at the park, Abby says she isn't taking sides but says Arianna's custody has nothing to do with him. Nick gets in her face and Ben rushes him. Abby yells.

Eric takes photos of Anne at the hospital. The camera likes her. She admits she has acted in the past. Eric's impressed. He asks if she knows if Theresa had anything to do with Daniel being drugged. If she's keeping something from him she could be an accessory. Anne resents what he's implying but Eric doesn't really care. In Anne's office, Theresa tells Daniel she had nothing to do with him being drugged. He can tell she's keeping something from him. He scares her by saying Parker could have been hurt. Anne bustles in and orders Daniel out. Theresa tells Anne about the planted pills in his apartment but insists she didn't do it. She decides to take a personal day.

Jennifer hears a noise while at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. It's only Lucas. He's been kayaking. He asks why Daniel went into surgery high as a kite. He's worried about his sister. Jenn explains Daniel was set up. Someone's trying to destroy him. Lucas has no faith in Daniel and asks her to open her eyes for once. He leaves, upset. Later, the repairman arrives to fix something.

Liam catches Nicole at the bank trying to get into his safe deposit box. He takes the key, assuming Deborah gave it to her and reminds her of what he's holding over her. She uses seduction. He's on to her and twists her arm. A teller interrupts and Nicole lies that everything's fine. Both women leave and Liam takes out a gun from the box and leaves behind a picture of Jenn. Later, the teller finds it. Meanwhile, Nicole messages Rafe for help.

Lucas arrives at the club where Sonny presents him with a gift from him and Will. It's a photo of the three of them with "Your words meant the world to us" engraved at the bottom. Lucas is touched. It's rare his words are appreciated. He can tell Sonny's upset and guesses it's about Nick. Sonny says yep, he and Gabi are getting back together. Lucas is angry. He won't let Nick Fallon mess with his son's happiness.

Sami storms home mid-way through a tirade about Nick. She tells EJ that Nick warned her not to let him bring up his past in prison or they'll all end up in prison. EJ isn't concerned. If Nick becomes more than an irritant, "He will be dealt with."

Nicole meets Rafe at the Brady's pub. She's on edge. He got there as fast as he could. Her message made it sound like Freddy Krueger was after her. She tells him she's doing a story on Liam Frasier, a pharmaceutical rep. She admits he dug up dirt on her and she needs help. What he has on her would kill Eric. Rafe suggests she drop the story but she can't. He does a search on his phone and finds out Liam's been in trouble with the law a few times. Nicole begs Rafe to have him taken in.

Eric visits Daniel at home and is told about the set-up.

Theresa paces at home, worried. She calls her mom, asking if she can visit - today.

Jenn is alone at the cabin when Liam arrives...

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Someone admits their love for another.

Abby questions Ben's reaction...

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