At Will's, Sonny thinks it's good news that Nick and Gabi's relationship is out in the open. Will tells Sami he asked Gabi for a formal custody agreement and EJ's going to draw it up. Sami tells them she attempted to patch things up with Gabi but it blew up in her face. She blames Nick and wonders if Gabi is actually afraid of Nick and feels as though she needs to go along with what he wants. Sami finds Nick's wedding gift and finds it gorgeous, shocked that it's from Nick. She doesn't want to kowtow to him forever. Will muses they may not have a choice. Sami considers this and gets a cocky look on her face which makes Will uneasy. She dashes off.

In the Horton square, Paige admits she accepted the admission into Stanford. She's thrilled. Why wouldn't she? JJ thinks she's being a snob. Is Salem University not good enough for her? He congratulates her but is upset she'll be gone for 4 years. Paige says this conversation is ridiculous but they can always Skype and will see each other on vacations if they're still friends. JJ flies off the handle and takes off.

At the hospital, Anne rants about the board thinking Daniel walks on water. Theresa tells her to shut it. She hates Dan as much as Anne but she's making a scene. Theresa drags her to her office. She thinks that things will be fine since she doesn't have Daniel's key anymore. She got rid of it a long time ago and confirms Anne hasn't told anyone about it.

Deborah Frasier meets with Nicole at Club TBD. She resembles Jenn and says they both look similar to the first woman Liam was obsessed with, Lindsay. She knows from experience that Liam hates to be dumped especially for another man. She shares how things were between her and Liam. He swept her off her feet and after they married, she realized he wasn't in love with her. He was trying to turn her into Lindsay, who broke his heart. When Deb wanted a divorce, Liam went literally "scary crazy." Nicole grows more frightened by the moment when Deborah recounts the things Liam did to her, most of which match what he's doing to Jenn right now. Nicole asks for her help but she can't go through it again and realizes Liam has something on her. She urges Nicole not to let her guard down and hands over a key to their joint safe deposit box. Liam doesn't know she still has one. She bets whatever Liam has on her is in there.

At Daniel's, Jennifer gives Daniel the bottle of pills and assumes someone broke in and set him up. Liam, who has been eavesdropping from home, rages. Jenn and Dan try to figure out who did this. Dan holds Jenn and tells her they won't get away with it. They profess their love for each other and kiss while Liam throws things angrily around his room and stabs Jenn's photo with a pair of scissors. He recognizes he has lost her for good and knows what comes next...Meanwhile, Jenn goes off to the Horton Cabin and Daniel calls the cleaning company as a dude changes the lock on his door.

Nick and Gabi meet Aiden at the Brady's pub to discuss the custody agreement. Nick brings up Will's mom, the 'wild card' and how she called Gabi an unfit mother. When Aiden remembers Sami Brady's name from her murder trial last year, Nick grins. Gabi claims she almost lost the baby because of Sami stressing her out during her pregnancy. Gabi assures Aiden she doesn't want to stop Will from seeing his daughter. Aiden asks why Nick is there. Gabi calls them friends but considering Nick's criminal background, Aiden calls this a serious problem. Nick assures Aiden it won't come up. He'll guarantee it. Aiden's puzzled about this remark but comes up with a few ideas to protect Gabi. It makes her uncomfortable. It looks like Will may not get much time with Ari. Aiden says he'll draw them up but tells Gabi he represents her. And only her. He goes and she seems pensive.

At the park, Nicole ponders dealing with Liam. She heads to the bank. Later, Nick follows Sami. They need to talk.

Liam stalks Jenn as she picks something up from the Kiriakis mansion.

Daniel rushes into the hospital and confronts Theresa.

Gabi arrives home and tells the guys about the custody agreement. "Let the games begin," Will says.

JJ arrives home and calls Bev to ask her out.

At the Horton cabin, on Smith Island, Jennifer hears a noise.

As Nicole's using the key to get into Liam's safe deposit box at the bank, he grabs her arm.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole goes to an old friend for help.

Daniel attempts to get Theresa to talk.

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