At Lucas' office, Sami tells Kate how she walked in on Gabi and Nick almost having sex. Kate freaks. Sami worries Nick has come up with a plan to throw them in prison without hurting Gabi. Sami admits she called Gabi unfit. Kate's exasperated. They go over the night of Nick's "demise" and realize Gabi could say she was in a fragile state and that they coerced her. They think they're screwed and Nick has them where he wants them. Sami's plan is to get back in Gabi's good graces. Kate thinks it'd have been easier if Nick stayed dead. She asks Sami to learn from her mistakes as a mother-in-law. Sami goes and Kate receives a gift from Stefano with a note that reads, "I hope you wear this to our next dinner, Cara mia." Kate slips the ring on her finger, noting it's a perfect fit.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefano discuss the photo of EJ kissing Abigail. They hang up when Gabi arrives. They discuss her career and she asks him to be her lawyer. EJ's not sure Nick would like that. Gabi doesn't think Nick has a problem with him but EJ argues that indirectly, he was involved in the night Nick was "murdered" when he dealt with Abby at Smith Island. Gabi admits Sonny and Kate knew about it but they're safe. She goes. EJ's pissed, assuming the picture is Kate's doing.

Paige gives JJ a hand at the Horton Square for community service. He asks her to a movie later and goes home when Abby calls. Once gone, Marybeth walks up and apologizes for deleting JJ's text. Page doesn't want to be told who to be friends with. She receives word that she got into Stanford and squees before she rushes off to call her mother.

Nicole sits at the park wondering what Liam did to his ex-wife and what he's up to next. Eric arrives to fill her in on his discussion with Theresa who seemed like she might be trying to convince herself she's not guilty. They're both texted that Daniel's hearing went well and Eric goes off to see Brady while Nicole muses that Deborah Frasier's her only lead. She calls her and asks for a meeting. Deborah worries this is one of Liam's tricks. Nicole assures her it's no trick so Deborah gives her instructions to meet.

Liam eavesdrops from home as Jennifer finds the Dilaudid in Daniel's canister at his apartment.

From the hospital, Abby congratulates Daniel on his hearing. He calls Jenn but there's no answer. Brady walks up and Dan shakes his hand in thanks.

Back at Dan's, Jenn calls the pharmacy and is crushed to hear the prescription is legit. Meanwhile, Liam grins like the Cheshire cat and wishes he had a camera in there. Jennifer puts the pills into her purse when Daniel and Brady arrive. They share the good news. Jenn's visibly shaken up but congratulates him and covers for not waiting for him. Brady leaves and Daniel confronts Jenn. She shows him the pills.

JJ arrives home, and Abby lets him in on Daniel's good news.

Gabi meets Sami at the Brady's pub. Sami apologizes for calling her an unfit mother. Gabi says it's too little, too late. Gabi knows Sami doesn't want to be her friend. Nearby, Abby eavesdrops. Gabi says this is about Nick. He could have put the three of them away but he didn't. Sami wonders if he is holding her hostage. Abby walks up and Gabi runs off while Abby asks Sami what Gabi meant when she said Nick was holding all the cards. Sami acts puzzled by it too. Talk turns to the guy Abby dated. Abby says she was as much to blame as he was. It was a huge mistake and she's glad it ended.

EJ confronts Kate at work with the envelope. He asks what her next move is. She says she's just going to wait and see. She notes she has rattled his cage. He asks to negotiate. She thinks this is about the formula and opens the envelope, perplexed. She finds it empty and EJ sighs in relief. She rolls her eyes, unable to believe he came all the way down there to yank her chain.

JJ returns to the square and Marybeth gives him the stink eye and snidely lets him know about Paige's good news. She toddles off and Paige returns. JJ questions why she didn't tell him about Stanford.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady finds Eric, who thanks him for helping Daniel's case. They quarrel over Kristen and Eric can't believe they've gotten no further than this. He storms out.

Deborah meets Nicole at Club TBD.

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