From Titan TV, Nicole fantasizes that Liam told Daniel and Eric about her shredding Chyka's documents. She shakes her head and calls Eric to meet.

At Gabi's, Nick tells Gabi Aiden Jennings has no ties to Salem or the Bradys. He'll make the perfect custody lawyer. On paper, the guys look more substantial than Gabi. She rants about Sami calling her unfit and Nick wonders if he should get away from her and Arianna. Gabi refuses to let anyone dictate her life.

From the square, Jordan takes a call from Ben who wants to see her.

Liam pays off some older lady at the park to do his bidding.

At Daniel's, Jenn tells him Anne ensured nobody but Brady could be at the court hearing. Parker says goodbye and Jenn goes. The lady from the park calls Jennifer and asks her to meet to discuss Daniel Jonas.

Brady sees Theresa at the hospital and they discuss their break. Brady goes and Anne walks up. Theresa is concerned her name will come up in the hearing. Anne doesn't see why it would but remembers her she has a key to Daniel's apartment. That's not good. Theresa claims to have lost it. Anne says it doesn't matter. She'll make sure Daniel loses his career. Later, Dan, Brady and Anne are at the hearing. Brady opens the proceedings by telling the other board members they're there to review Dr. Jonas' suspension and to determine the future of his employment at the hospital. Anne brings up Theresa's overdose but Brady calls it irrelevant. Besides, Daniel's toxicology screen came up clean. Brady says Daniel stopped surgery when on Dilaudid, which helps his case. The board takes a short recess. Once they return, for now, since there's no evidence he has knowingly ingested the drugs previously, Daniel is given 30 days suspension for surgery and must submit to random drug tests. Non-surgical duties resume tomorrow. Anne's livid.

In the woods, Jordan eavesdrops on Rafe making a personal call to his friend Tim in the FBI. She thinks it's about Ben so he's forced to admit it's about Nick Fallon. Tim calls. He came up empty-handed. Rafe's disappointed. He takes off. Jordan meets Ben who can't believe she's dating a cop. They agree it's about the worst thing she could do. He realizes she's in love but freaks out when he hears Rafe's ex-FBI.

Eric meets Nicole at the Brady's pub. Nicole wants to do more for Daniel's case. Eric thinks he's lucky to have such an amazing woman in his life, one who would sacrifice so much for a friend. He goes.

The lady from the woods meets Jenn in her home and says she needs to do the right thing. She says she's Dan's cleaning lady. She has never met him - the super lets her in and one day she saw something. She can tell Jenn where it is...

Back at Gabi's, she receives a text from Rafe who is on his way. Nick decides that's his cue to leave. She invites him to be with her when she meets with Aiden. He's the only person she trusts. He goes and Rafe arrives and questions her about Nick's time in New York. Gabi's clueless so he admits he's having Nick investigated. She blows a gasket and asks him to let it go or her and a few others could serve prison time. He thinks on that and agrees to leave it alone.

Back at her office, Nicole does research on Liam and finds that he can't hold a job for long. She's intrigued by his sealed divorce records and calls Liam's ex. The woman doesn't want anything to do with that crazy SOB and hangs up.

Theresa meets Eric in the park and asks him to help her. He will if she comes clean, now. She insists she's innocent and refuses to let anybody pin this on her.

Nick gets ginger-ale at Club TBD from Sonny. They discuss the custody agreement and Sonny makes sure Nick knows he doesn't buy his friendly act. Nick asks him not to disappoint him by waving around that Kiriakis threat.

Jenn returns to Daniel's and finds a canister with a prescription for Dilaudid in Jennifer's name, prescribed by D. Jonas.

The "cleaning lady" meets Liam in the back of a car. She tells him Jenn's about to find what Liam wanted her to find. He says he has the rest of her cash and a ticket to Texas, leaving in an hour.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jennifer investigates.

JJ isn't happy with news he hears.

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