At the Brady's pub, Hope is ready to admit defeat about the Gala but Aiden thinks they can pull it off. He suggests they con Howell out of the ballroom. She gets a call and learns Giselle Von Hopper, who usually donates the biggest item to the Gala, has pulled out. She raises more money than anyone. Without her they may as well not have the Gala. They decide to track Giselle down and talk to her.

At the Horton Square, JJ runs after Paige who is angry he blew her off. JJ says he texted that he would be late. Paige didn't receive his text. JJ learns she was with Marybeth and assumes she deleted it. He shows her the text he sent and she thaws. They go off and later, Aiden and Hope find Mrs. Van Hopper and introduce themselves. They question why she didn't donate to the Gala this year. She says she can't attend and it's no fun to donate without being a part of the auction. She and Mr. Van Hopper, the "crashing bore" divorced and he found someone young and sexy but she hasn't a date to the Gala. She knows people will talk. Aiden admits he doesn't have a date that night and takes her aside to suggest they go together. She has an even better idea and looks at Hope. Aiden goes to Hope. He says Giselle is gay and wants to go with her. Hope argues that everybody in town knows she's not gay but she'll do it. She goes to the woman while Roman stops Aiden to chat. Meanwhile, Hope offers to go with Giselle but it turns out she doesn't want her. She wants Hope to set her up with Roman! Hope runs to Roman and he notices she was with Giselle. He calls her a nightmare and Hope looks bummed.

At the hospital, Sami excitedly tries to get Abby to teach her more about art history. Abby's distant and brings up Sami's wedding plans. Sami says they're going swimmingly - the least of her worries. Abby says Sami and EJ deserve to be happy. Sami's touched and asks Abby if she thinks Nick has truly changed. Abby's not sure but it seems he wants to live a happy life. "People make mistakes. Huge ones sometimes." If she made a mistake, wouldn't she want a second chance? Sami is sorry for bringing Nick up. She leaves.

Someone puts a photo of EJ and Abigail kissing into an envelope.

Will arrives at the DiMera mansion. He thinks he messed up by bringing up the custody agreement. EJ says to get the ball rolling and he'll convince Gabi it's for her protection as well as Will's. Will leaves and later, someone slips the envelope containing the EJabby photo under the door.

Rafe finds Nick and Gabi kissing at the park. Rafe has daggers for eyes but flashes to Will's warning not to make things worse. Rafe apologizes to Gabi for upsetting her. Nick's eyes narrow as the siblings hug. The men shake hands and Rafe says Gabi means the world to him. Nick will have to prove himself. He goes and Gabi does a happy dance. Nick doesn't look convinced. They discuss the custody agreement and Nick steers her away from using Justin as a lawyer.

JJ takes Paige back to his place for coffee. He gets a call and throws his phone down in anger. He fills Paige in on Daniel being drugged before surgery. JJ feels partially to blame and lets her know about his history with Theresa and how he did horrible things to Daniel. Paige assures him he's a good guy now.

Rafe stops Sami outside of the pub. He says he just ran into Nick kissing Gabi and tells her about hitting Nick. She'd have paid to see that. He wants to know what's going on with Nick. Sami looks caught but tells him to leave it alone.

Nick meets Abby at Club TBD. He tells her the bruise on his face is from tripping. He gets Aiden Jennings name from her for Gabi and when she asks, he insists he knows what he's doing. Abby says his inflection was scary. Nick peps up. That's not how he meant it. He asks how long she'll wait to date after Chad. She flashes to sex with EJ and tells him there's no rush.

Gabi arrives home. Will says he blew it by dropping the custody agreement on her that way. She agrees but is going along with it. Nick helped her to decide. Will's exasperated.

Sami returns home and finds the envelope. She opens it.

From home, Rafe does research on Nick's time in New York.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Gabi gives Will the custody agreement which shocks him.

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