At Club TBD, Rafe asks Kate for the real reason she hired Nick Fallon. Kate muses that Nick makes her loads of cash. She suggests he lay off Nick for Gabi's sake. Rafe's eyes narrow. That's unlike Kate. If she's not going to level with him, he'll find someone who will. He texts Will.

At home, Gabi hangs up when Will arrives. He shows her the gift from Nick which he finds thoughtful but could spell manipulation. This makes Gabi crazy. Will tells her Sami agreed to boundaries. He gets Rafe's text and tells Gabi to be careful about rushing into things with Nick for Ari's sake. He wants a formal custody agreement, which surprises her. Offended he doesn't trust her, she goes. Will texts Rafe to come over. Once he's there, Will admits Nick has something on Gabi but hasn't used it. He asks Rafe to leave it alone but Rafe won't. Will admits it wasn't Nick who did something illegal this time and asks Rafe not to make it worse. Rafe has already made Nick more sympathetic to Gabi.

At the pub, Hope tells Aiden it meant a lot that he had Chase send her a thank-you note. Father Louis arrives, assuming they're brainstorming about the St. Luke's Summer Gala. "We were thinking about having it in the summer," Hope says. "It'd be like a Gala," adds Aiden. Father Louis likes their big picture thinking and hands over some documents. There's a hitch. Helen, the president of the PTA left things hanging. He runs away to see Caroline before they can question him. They read the documents and realize the Father was right. The Salem Ballroom was never booked. They always have it there so Aiden gives them a call. They get to work and Mr. Howell arrives. He's crusty. They ask him to switch the date of his event to another day since their Gala's been held at the Ballroom for twenty years. They try not to laugh when he tells them his event is a domino convention. They suggest the Horton Square or the new gymnasium at St. Luke's. Hope tries to play on his sympathies while Aiden tries to bribe him. Howell doesn't like it and refuses to be bought. He's also not giving up the venue. Father Louis returns and they don't tell him about the ballroom mishap.

From her office at the hospital, Jennifer wonders to Brady what other sick, demented person would want to destroy Daniel other than Theresa. Jenn isn't going to talk to him about this since he can't see Theresa for who she is. They argue about Brady's judgement and self-control. Brady wants to help but Jenn can't trust him when he's drinking and hanging with Theresa.

At home, Liam makes a mysterious call.

When Theresa sees Daniel at the park she turns to go. He tells her not to walk away from him. She heard what happened to him and is so sorry. He asks if she's sorry she did it. She claims she didn't do it but he doesn't believe her. She flashes to giving Liam the key to his place. Dan threatens that if she thinks what she has on JJ can protect her she is crazy. She looks frightened but repeats she didn't do it. She asks him to stop harassing her. He thinks she was working with someone. She leaves and he takes a call from Jenn, asking him to stop by. Nearby, Liam meets a woman who looks uneasy and says she took care of what he wanted. They're even.

Kate and Nick do business in the Horton Square. He's annoyed that she didn't mention his split lip. Kate knows Rafe did it. What did he expect? Nick says if Rafe keeps pushing he may find out more than Kate wants him to know. Kate knows. She brings him up to speed with their conversation, earlier. Later, Brady meets Theresa and says he agreed to help Daniel which means he has to stop drinking and seeing her. She tears up and cries that Jenn and Dan are out to get her.

Gabi meets Nick at the park. She fills him in on her discussion with Will and the custody agreement. Nick gets it. He promises not to try to keep Will from Ari. They kiss as Rafe walks up.

Back at his place, blue gloved clad Liam fills a bottle with pills.

Jenn meets with Dan at her place. He tells her about his talk with Theresa, who seemed really worried. Jenn says Brady is helping them but it doesn't go over well. Brady arrives and tells them he quit drinking and Theresa. Surprised, Daniel agrees to let Brady help.

Theresa arrives at the park to sulk.

Liam lets himself into Daniel's apartment...

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Rafe investigates Nick.

Hope's put in an awkward position.

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