At Daniel's, Jenn tries to stop him from going after Theresa. There's no proof she drugged him and besides, JJ could get hurt if Theresa decides to talk. Jenn decides to call the press and do damage control.

Nicole follows Liam to the park and demands to know why he was really at Dr. Jonas' building today. Liam flashes to drugging Daniel's orange juice and calls it a coincidence that Jonas lives there but Nicole doesn't believe him. She tells him she's an investigative reporter. He asks, "So you bark up every tree?" Nicole moves in close. "I'm barking up your tree because... you're sweating," she says. She thinks he drugged Daniel because Jenn dumped him. Liam turns things around. He knows Nicole was shredding documents about Chyka and Kristen DiMera in the woods. "Just what have you been smoking?" Nicole asks. Liam tells her he fished a few pieces out of the pile of paper and put them together like a puzzle. He shows her a picture of one of the documents and Nicole gets nervous. He'll keep quiet about it if she stays out of his business.

At the DiMera manse, Sami whines about Gabi lying to her about being with Nick after the wedding. EJ wonders what Sami expected Gabi to do. She knew how Sami would react and was proven right. EJ wonders if it was worth it. Sami says she'll eat crow if she has to. EJ tries to contain himself when Sami admits she called Gabi an unfit mother. She calls Gabi reckless. EJ scoffs. Like Sami's never been reckless? Gabi likely thought she was being hypocritical. He tells Sami they've no say in Gabi's decisions in life. Sami rails that she wants Nick gone permanently. EJ asks point blank if she wants him dead.

At the Horton Square, Rafe slams Nick up against the wall and says he warned him to stay away from Gabi. He should have listened. Nick says Gabi wanted him, causing Rafe to haul off and hit him. Nick says Rafe can't control Gabi - just like he couldn't control Arianna. Rafe refuses to let Nick brainwash Gabi. There's a bit of back and forth and when Nick goes, Rafe calls Sami.

At their apartment, Gabi packs her bags and tells Will she and the baby are moving. Will says she can't do that. Gabi blames this on Sami calling her an unfit mother. Will asks Gabi to reconsider if they stop lecturing her. Gabi appreciates it but it's not enough. She can't deal with Sami again. Will promises to ensure Sami doesn't come to the apartment to see the baby again. He'll take back their house key. Once he goes, she calls Nick to warn him Rafe was there and is likely looking for him. Nick says he already saw Rafe. He asks to talk tomorrow and hangs up. Gabi looks puzzled and takes off.

Back at the mansion, Sami asks EJ if Stefano can put Nick on one of his islands. Rafe's text comes in wanting to meet to discuss Nick so EJ decides to go in her place. They need diplomacy so this doesn't blow up in their faces. Will barges in and yells at his mother for almost costing him his daughter. Will sets some boundaries and asks for the key back. Sami blows up but hands it over and accuses him of choosing Gabi over her. He's choosing Arianna and knows Sami would do the same in his position. He goes and she cries.

EJ stops by the Brady's pub and can tell Rafe just went after Nick. EJ says Nick wants to be the victim and Rafe gave him exactly what he wanted. EJ says Nick could send Gabi to prison for assisting in the kidnapping of Melanie Jonas. Rafe doubts any DA would touch a case like that but EJ says there's more to it but he can't tell him because he's a detective.

Gabi find Nick in the parkette bloodied. She assumes Rafe did this but Nick says Rafe was just being protective. Nick's not sure anybody will ever accept him in Salem. Gabi fills him in on what happened with Will and Nick urges her keep working at her relationship with them. Nick's sorry for the trouble but Gabi doesn't think he's to blame. She goes and Nick says to himself, "Percy was right. This is working out exactly as I planned."

Jenn has a rough time at the hospital, writing up a press release. Liam arrives and tries to comfort her.

Nicole arrives at Daniel's and says she has to help him no matter what!

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will Nicole come clean with Daniel about seeing Liam at his building?

Marybeth tries to ruin things between for Paige and JJ.

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