At the DiMera mansion, Sami says she has an offer for Gabi to go to Buenos Aires Argentina for two weeks. Gabi's thrilled. She says without Nick, none of it would have happened. Sami rolls her eyes and EJ suggests Sami let Gabi make her own romantic decisions. Sami has trouble with it but lets it go and leaves for the pub.

At the Brady's pub, Nick flashes to sex with Gabi. Julie arrives, exhausted after another cruise. She notices Nick has a wedding gift for Will and Sonny and is taken aback to hear he wasn't invited to the wedding. Nick reminds her of their history. "You've turned your entire life around and they spit in your eye." Nick disagrees. Julie deduces this must be Sami's fault. Nick tells her to forget it and shares he has gotten closer with Gabi. Julie's not happy to hear that at all and gets vicious. Sami arrives and Julie makes a spectacle of herself, yelling at Sami. "I have a bone to pick with you," she says, and jumps on Sami about not being invited to Will's wedding. Nick tries to get Julie to relax but Julie recalls Sami has had various second or third chances but Nick can't? Julie gets up to go and says, "Illegitimis non carborundum," which translates to "Don't let them grind you down." Sami thinks Nick knows how to play Julie. Sami notices his shoes and realizes he was with Gabi the other night. She says nothing but to herself whispers, "Bastard."

At the hospital, Kayla has the results but can't share them with Eric. Theresa eavesdrops on Maxine and Eric and learns about the drugs in Daniel's system. When Maxine leaves to request a second blood test, Theresa tries to get the scoop from Eric. In another room, Anne gloats and rants about suspending him. Kayla arrives and shoves her out of the way and says they do have to suspend him until they investigate. Jenn worries about his reputation. Anne starts in and Kayla says, "Look could you zip it?" Anne smirks. Maxine arrives and they admit Daniel. By the hub, Eric tells Theresa he assumes somebody drugged Daniel. He leaves and Theresa flashes to giving Liam a key to Daniel's. Daniel's put in a room and Jenn asks him to go over his morning. He says he had the protein shake at home and coffee at the hospital. He thinks he might have been targeted. Jenn and Eric go to Daniel's to supervise an investigation. Abe arrives to take Maxine out for lunch. Anne finds Theresa and pushes her into her office to gossip about Daniel. Theresa says Dr. Jonas is no druggie, making Anne assume Theresa drugged him. She denies it but Anne doesn't listen.

Nicole runs into Liam at Daniel's elevator. Why is he there? He hems and haws and after the third time asking, Liam covers. He met a hot doctor and was sort of making a 'house call' to her. He acts like he just made a hilarious joke and says it'd be seen as unethical if he was caught. Nicole's suspicious. He reminds her it's no different than him seeing her in the woods the other night. He goes and she gets a text from Eric about Daniel. She takes off. Later, Jenn and Eric arrive as the investigation is going on. Jenn tells Eric that Anne and Theresa could be behind this.

Liam goes back to the hospital and tells Anne he heard Daniel had drugs in his system. Anne snarks that "Daniel's nothing like the image he tries to protect." Kayla goes to Daniel and says the coffee cup and coffee pot tested negative for the drug. Kayla believes he didn't do this to himself and tells him not to worry. They'll get to the bottom of this. She goes and Nicole arrives. She sneaks into his room and he tells her what happened. Nicole flashes to seeing Liam at Daniel's apartment complex and looks alarmed. Jenn returns and deals with the press. Liam goes to her and tries to plant a seed of doubt where Dan is concerned.

At the Horton Square, Maxine talks about nursing being her savior. Daniel made work fun. He helped her put her life back together. She tears up and talks about being Jenn and Dan's biggest cheerleader. She wonders...who wouldn't root for them?

Eric follows Theresa to the pub. He tells her she and Anne are suspects. Theresa says neither did it. He asks if she knows who did and she looks uneasy.

Nick sits with EJ at Club TBD and warns EJ to keep his fiancée on a leash before she screws up everything.

Sami goes to Gabi's, yelling that she's still the same 'lying selfish little...' Gabi slaps her across the face.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole goes to Liam...

Liam again tries to get Jenn to think poorly of Dan.

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