Eric stops Nicole in the park and tells her things between them have to be dealt with today. Nicole says she has to go to the hospital and takes off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa asks Brady if he's going to dump her. She promises not to bring up coke again and tells him she's never been so happy. She's worried he'll walk out on her like other guys she's slept with. Brady says he isn't going anywhere. She is asking if he wants to go have fun when Maggie appears. Maggie muses about her hope Brady would find some new amusement. Brady takes a call. Maggie suggests Theresa leave. Theresa thanks her for bad-mouthing her all over town. Maggie is talking about the boozing and easy sex when Brady returns. Theresa says she'll see him later. Maggie tells Brady that she's a tragedy waiting to happen. Brady explains that everyone watched Kristen make a fool of him except Theresa - she doesn't pity him.

In the Brady Pub, Ciara tells Hope she's eating a big breakfast in preparation for judo class - she plans to kick someone where it counts.

In the square, Aiden sends Chase into judo class and takes a call. Chase comes back out and tries to phone Aiden, since he was dropped off at the wrong place. A man appears and wrestles him for the phone. Hope arrives with her gun drawn and takes the man down. Aiden returns as Hope calls it in. After, Aiden tries to dissuade Chase, who insists on going to judo class. Aiden thanks Hope. He rambles on about protecting his son. "He's my life." He apologizes for being rude to her before and for judging her. Hope accepts his apology. He proposes they work together on the committee. Ciara comes up and says she heard Hope's a hero. Aiden watches them and smiles.

Paige and JJ meet up in the park while running. He puts his hands on her face. He asks her to hang out later at his place. Mary Beth appears and asks if JJ is harassing her. JJ tells her to mind her business, but Mary Beth warns Paige to save her reputation and dump him now. Paige tells her to stay out of it. Mary Beth storms off. Paige tells JJ she'll see him later. JJ's old friends watch from the bushes. Bev tells Rory she'll have to make Paige see how wrong she is for JJ.

At the Horton house, Jennifer and Abe discuss Lexi. Abe remarks how much he misses her. Abe opens up about how he felt guilty having a good time with Maxine. Jennifer can relate. She shares about knowing when the time was right and urges him to live his life. "Now is all we've got."

In Daniel's apartment, he drinks a protein shake with the orange juice Liam drugged.

In his room, Liam grins in anticipation of what will happen this morning.

At the hospital, Daniel interacts with Maxine and seems slurry. Liam lurks and laughs. Daniel goes to prep for double by-pass surgery. Nicole arrives looking for Seth Burns. Anne says he can't see her and insults her dress. Liam approaches and chats her up. She shuts him down. Eric arrives and insists on having a conversation. In the OR, Daniel seems dazed. The other doctor asks if he's okay. He gets hazier as the surgery begins and has the other doctor take over. In a recovery room, Jenn rushes in to see if Daniel's alright. He doesn't know what's wrong with him and worries about his hand tremors. Jenn reassures him.

At the park, Eric goes on about how important the church is to him, and apologizes for pushing it on Nicole. Nicole huffs for him to get on with it and put her out of her misery. Eric can't imagine his life without her in it. He wants her to marry him even if they don't have the church's blessing. Nicole asks if he's sure and gushes that she wants to marry him something awful. They declare their love. Eric says God gave him these feelings; it's God's will. They kiss.

At Daniel's apartment, Liam swaps out the drugged orange juice. When he's leaving, Nicole arrives.

At the hospital, Theresa listens to Maxine and Eric discussing Daniel. Meanwhile, Anne is present when Daniel and Jenn learn his blood contained the painkiller Dilaudid.

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