Jennifer and Daniel come across JJ and Paige at the Horton Square. Introductions are made and Jenn asks if they're studying for tomorrow's test. When Paige says no, Jenn wants to drive her home so JJ can get studying. It's awkward and JJ's embarrassed. Daniel drags her away. JJ apologizes to Paige for his mom not backing off. She talks about Daniel saving her friend's mother's life. JJ says they're pretty tight and since she wants to be a doctor, they rush to find Daniel to discuss it further.

Sexy guitar music plays as newlyweds Will and Sonny enter their hotel room. They can't believe they're married. Gabi texts a photo of Arianna and they worry Gabi's spending time with Nick while they're gone. Sonny insists they do something about him and suggests they get a formal custody agreement. Will doesn't want to rock the boat. He just wants to celebrate. Sonny's insistent that they deal with this now before Nick turns Gabi against them. Will's stressed so Sonny apologizes and pours the champagne. They decide to pretend the outside world doesn't exist for now.

In the woods, Rafe tries to get Jordan to open up about herself. He doesn't like that she doesn't trust him enough to tell him about herself. Jordan says it's not about trust but Rafe begs to differ. She accuses him of making things complicated but he's pretty sure her life was problematic before they met.

As Lucas showers at home, Sheryl overhears Kate leave a message about Sheryl's information about Jordan paying off. Sheryl's hurt and rushes out. When Lucas gets out of the shower, he listens to Kate's message and freaks out.

Sheryl barges into Lucas' office where she finds Kate. She confronts her about using her to nail Jordan. Kate wonders what her point is. For her pawn, she's being really well treated. Besides, Lucas' answering machine is at his bedside. She smirks and Sheryl asks if she's supposed to be grateful for being used. Sheryl plans on telling Jordan but Kate cautions her against it. She'll destroy her career. Kate offers to transfer her to their Houston office. Sheryl calls her cold-hearted. Lucas bursts in and asks Sheryl not to listen to anything Kate says but Sheryl's done and runs out. They go after her.

At his home, Liam reads Jenn's email to her mother about her break-up with Dan then fantasizes that he and Jenn are in bed together, snuggling.

Dan and Jenn arrive at the park. Daniel tells Jennifer that JJ likes Paige. Jenn's clueless and doesn't believe it. Daniel says she just embarrassed her son. He asks her to trust that he knows JJ is into Paige. They debate and JJ and Paige arrive. JJ asks if Daniel has time to talk to Paige about pre-med. He'd be happy to so Jenn invites everyone to her place for cake.

Jenn, Dan, JJ and Paige arrive at Jennifer's. Liam starts eavesdropping on their conversation about pre-med. Daniel talks about getting up at 5 in the morning and how he takes Parker to Maggie's and makes his special orange juice and protein drink to get him going. Liam latches on to that and makes notes: Protein drink, kid not home, and orange juice. Later, JJ walks Paige home and Jennifer admits Daniel was right. JJ is interested in Paige. They kiss. She's thankful for his male insight into teenage boys. Jenn's glad JJ's with Paige and not hanging around with his "pothead friends."

Sheryl stomps through the square, texting Jordan.

Back in the woods, Jordan receives Sheryl's text. Since it's an emergency, she and Rafe rush to the square.

Jordan and Rafe arrive at the square. Sheryl almost spills the beans but she sees Lucas and Kate. Kate asks if she told them the good news. Sheryl says she was promoted to the Houston office. Kate is sorry but says Sheryl earned this opportunity. Sheryl holds back tears as Kate says she leaves tomorrow. Lucas is sad to see her go. Jordan and Rafe hug her and she cries. Rafe and Jordan leave and Kate commends Sheryl. Lucas tries to explain that he cares for her but she doesn't believe it. She leaves and Lucas disowns Kate who thinks he can do better than a "simp like that."

Jordan and Rafe arrive at the park and Jordan's sad. She liked having a friend there. Rafe says she'd have friends if she let her guard down. Jordan doesn't want to get into it. She reminds him he doesn't like to talk about his sister Arianna and thinks keeping the lid on certain memories is best sometimes. He gets it.

In the woods, JJ and Paige make plans to have a morning run. She kisses his cheek before she goes.

Liam lets himself into Daniel's apartment with blue rubber gloves on. He drugs the juice and says, "Sometimes life is almost too easy."

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