At the Brady's pub, Caroline complains to Hope that Bo wasn't at the wedding. Hope offers to help around the pub since Bo's not around. Caroline admits Father Louis called to ask for her help in getting Hope to work with Aiden Jennings. Hope scoffs and calls the priest incorrigible. She's not working with Aiden. Caroline piles on the guilt and when it does nothing, she wonders why Hope has such a strong reaction to the man when everyone else finds him charming.

Abigail goes running through the woods and runs head first into Paige, who goes flying. Paige isn't put out but Abigail feels sorry. They introduce themselves and go back and forth about who was more distracted. Paige's phone is cracked and Abby offers to pay for it. They head over to the Horton residence.

At home, JJ's mind is on Paige when he spills nuts and pop all over his shirt. Aiden shows up and notices JJ's shirt. JJ says he hasn't mastered the art of the afternoon snack. Aiden spoke with Judge Goldberg who is transferring him to the hospital to do community service. JJ panics. He doesn't want to leave and becomes really enthusiastic about garbage picking. Aiden grins and realizes this is about a girl. He'll tell Goldberg not to transfer him. He goes and when Paige and Abby arrive, Paige realizes this is JJ's house and tries to make an excuse to leave. Abigail won't hear of it. Besides, JJ's at the library. Abby goes in and runs upstairs and JJ comes out of the kitchen, shirtless. Paige is affected by him. Abby returns and hands over some cash and the number of a guy who can fix Paige's phone. JJ shoots his sister a look and she gets the hint and leaves. JJ offers to go with Paige to get her phone fixed.

At the Horton Square, Sami drones on about how weird Stefano's been acting. EJ nods but asks her to agree not to discuss it. He sees Kate who is on the phone with Ortiz asking for an update on Jordan Ridgeway. Sami leaves and EJ says hello to Kate. He calls her 'lovely' and she tells him to can the phony smile. Whatever he wants, the answer is no. EJ brings up her dinner with Stefano. Kate accuses him of being his father's pimp and asks him to get to the point. EJ says he feels for Stefano, who feels terrible for hurting Kate. Kate laughs. There will be no thaw between them. EJ says almost emasculating Rafe was his father's way of showing Kate how much he loves her. EJ talks about forgiveness and hopes she's not choosing anger over love. Kate snorts.

At work, Lucas and Sheryl banner as they work. Things get intense and Lucas asks, "It may sound like a strange question but are you wearing any lip gloss right now?" Sheryl tells him to see for himself and then devours his lips. She likes him - a lot. Sami knocks and Sheryl wants to ignore her. Lucas says, "She won't go away. She's like Malaria. She never truly goes away." He lets Sami in, who notices Sheryl's lip gloss is smeared. Sheryl goes and Sami teases Lucas. She has him sign a document for Allie's field trip and says she's glad he's happy. She goes and Sheryl returns and invites him to a late lunch. They go and Kate arrives. Ortiz calls with news about Jordan...

In the park, Jordan gets off a call with Rafe and smacks into Ben. She yammers at him about not wanting anyone to see them in public together. He's sorry he made things worse.

Back at the pub, Rafe searches Ben's name online but comes up with nothing. He types in Jordan's name but can't bring himself to commit to a search. Hope leaves and Jordan arrives. The two go for a walk and Jordan questions how distant he's being.

EJ returns home and Allie asks for help with long division. He helps with an analogy about monkeys and bananas when Sami walks in. EJ finishes up the problem and after Allie goes, Sami kisses EJ, thankful he loves Allie.

At the park, Aiden talks to Chase about learning to fit in at St. Luke's. Hope eavesdrops as Aiden says they're not going back to Portland. He sends Chase to play and tells Hope to get a life and stop spying on him. Over at the square, Paige drops off her phone and JJ asks her out. She'd love to go out.

Abigail arrives at Club TBD. She meets Ben who tells her she looked so beautiful the day of the wedding.

Sheryl and Lucas rip off their clothes at his place and make love. Afterward, Lucas showers and Kate calls. She leaves a message on his machine about the information Sheryl giving them about Jordan paying off.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Liam eavesdrops.

Rafe tries to get Jordan to talk about her past.

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