In Theresa's bedroom, Brady and Theresa discuss getting cocaine from her contact. She says it's up to him whether they do coke or not. Brady says he has to go to work. Theresa wonders if he's angry. Brady reassures her. Alone, Theresa muses that it won't be long until Brady cracks and then she'll have him right where she wants him.

At Club TBD, Hope tells Father Louis she will be on the school committee. She is about to tell him there is someone she cannot work with when Aiden enters. Father says, "There is your partner now." Hope protests, and Aiden says maybe one person should do it. Father says it's too much work for that. He leaves. Hope tells Aiden it won't be good for the kids if one of them kills the other. Aiden assures her he'll get them out of this. She agrees since he's the one who got them into it by cooking the books. Aiden grins. "You're absolutely right." He says he'll come clean about the check and will convince Father he doesn't need her on the committee. Later, Brady joins Hope and questions if Theresa's problems in L.A. had to do with drugs. Hope isn't comfortable discussing her legal issues and suggests he ask her himself.

At the hospital, Nicole lays into Marlena, and informs her that she is marrying Eric whether she likes it or not. Eric arrives and asks Nicole what she's doing. Marlena wonders what their issue is, but Eric says it's a private matter. He apologizes to Marlena for the misunderstanding. Marlena says she understands now and leaves. Eric tells Nicole they have problems to work through. He's not happy about her treatment of his mother. Nicole apologizes; she's scared of losing him. They bicker about his allegiance to the church. Nicole says if they can't be a couple in every way, then they are done. She expresses her anguish over the situation and gives him time to think. Elsewhere, Aiden asks Marlena if she's taking new patients. She tells him if he refers someone she could. He mutters, "Good to know."

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano remarks on EJ's high hopes for his wedding to Samantha. He cryptically says he hopes EJ won't be disappointed. EJ remarks on his lurking and gloomy pronouncements. He insists Stefano can do nothing to put a crimp in his happiness. Stefano worries the happiness will blow up in his face. EJ urges Stefano to feel the joy. Stefano agrees that everything will be fine - as long as Samantha doesn't find out he's been banging Abigail Deveraux. EJ's jaw drops. He indignantly declares that it never happened, but Stefano belly laughs about him thinking he got Abigail knocked-up. EJ deflates. He strikes a bargain to help Stefano with Kate as long as no one finds out about Abigail. Stefano makes a remark that makes EJ suspicious. "Is Abigail pregnant?" Stefano assures him she's not.

Gabi and Nick are making out passionately in her apartment when Sami arrives and hunts for her key. Nick puts the chain lock on. Sami calls out and wonders what Gabi's doing. Gabi herds Nick into her bedroom and lets Sami in. Sami spots Nick's shoe. Gabi pretends it's Sonny's and tries to get rid of Sami, who goes on about Gabi being lonely. She doesn't want her to turn to an outsider. Gabi narrows her eyes. "You mean Nick." Nick listens as they argue about him. Sami wonders if she remembers why she hit him on the head with a rock. Gabi says Sami can't talk as long as she's with EJ DiMera. Sami leaves, exasperated. Nick thanks Gabi. They kiss. Arianna cries. Nick leaves and does a victory fist pump outside the door.

At Club TBD, Aiden stares at Marlena's business card.

Hope catches up with Marlena in the square. They discuss Eric and Nicole. Marlena thinks Nicole is hiding something.

Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion and asks Stefano and EJ what's going on. Stefano says they were discussing EJ's big secret. EJ demurs that he has a little secret, but it's the good kind. Sami says she likes emeralds and exits. EJ tells Stefano she can never find out about Abigail.

Father Louis spots Nicole in the park. She's not interested in reliving her good old rectory days. Once alone, she flashes to shredding the files and wonders if God is punishing her. Later, Eric runs into Brady, who asks him about Theresa. Eric says she has problems; seeing her is good for Brady. Brady agrees, but says he won't stop seeing her.

Somewhere unknown, a person wearing latex gloves pieces together the shredded paper from Dr. Chyka.

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