At the Kiriakis mansion, Herbert Brandt visits Victor. Maggie gives them space and Herbert isn't pleased Victor's holding a gay wedding. Upstairs, Sonny is nervous but excited. Adrienne tears up, happy for the guys. Back downstairs, Brandt worries people will boycott his business. Victor couldn't care less. Maggie cheers while eavesdropping and Victor accuses Herb of being homophobic. He resigns from the board and gets rid of Herb.

Abby and JJ wrap a gift at home. They look guilty when Jenn comes down the stairs. Jenn's glad her daughter's happy again.

At the Brady's pub, in a tizzy, Caroline tells Kayla she can't speak at the wedding. She worries she'll disgrace herself and ruin the boys' day. Kayla types the speech up to make it easier.

At home, Will shares his excitement with Gabi. He jokes that getting through the ceremony will be a record for his family. Gabi says she'll be changing Arianna every two hours because all of the grandmothers sent over dresses and she doesn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt. Will thanks her for dealing with the crazy. Eric arrives and Gabi goes. Eric gives Will his and his cheese hats. It's time they switched from the Bears. "Go Packers," Will says as Eric makes him put it on.

Dressed for the wedding, Sami bellows up the stairs of the DiMera mansion to the kids, telling them to hurry up. They're leaving soon. Marlena arrives, upset. There may not be a wedding today. She hasn't received her documents to become an ordained minister yet. Sami pouts at EJ who promises to take care of it. He gets on the phone. Sami screams for the kids to get down the stairs. Banjos play. The two ladies take off and EJ makes another call to the DiMera pilot. He's going to Chicago.

Kate and Lucas bump into each other at the Horton Square. Kate's off to fix any decorations Maggie made 'too sweet'. She goes and Lucas stops Justin, wanting to see his speech. Justin wants to wait and gets coffee for them while he leaves a book behind. Lucas sneaks a peek inside but sees a note that reads, "I told you to wait." Justin waves, devilishly at Lucas from nearby.

At the hospital, Maxine tells Jordan she and Abe are off to the WilSon wedding. Jordan's unsure if Rafe still wants to take her as his date.

At Club TBD, Tad gets Ben for Rafe, who then warns Ben against hurting his sister. He goes and calls Jordan to confirm their date.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny hopes his mother isn't offended that she's not speaking today. She's fine with it. If she spoke, Sami would have to "and then it'd be all about her." Downstairs Maggie praises Victor for defending Sonny. He tells her to keep it to herself. Kate arrives. She saw Herb doing 90 down the driveway on her way in. Maggie grins but tells her nothing. Upstairs, Sonny receives a love letter from his groom-to-be. Sexy guitar music plays as he reads Will promising never to forget what a gift Sonny is.

At Theresa's, Brady wakes up to a notification on his cell that it's Will and Sonny's wedding day. Theresa suggests they "lose" their invitations. Brady says that's not a possibility so she asks him to be her date.

Rafe bumps into Abe outside the pub. They go to the hospital to pick up their dates together. Inside, Kayla gets an emergency call from the hospital. Kayla will call Roman to pick Caroline up. She runs to work.

At the hospital, Maxine and Jordan meet Abe and Rafe.

Abby arrives at Club TBD to find a package from Ben. He's never met her before and is taken in by her beauty. He stammers a lot. She picks up the box and goes and Ben beats himself up. "Yeah, really smooth, moron."

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Sami shouts at the kids to stay out of the flower beds. EJ calls and they learn where he's off to. Inside, Kate rolls her eyes privately when Maggie says she decorated herself. Lucas and Justin arrive and everyone goes in. Marlena keeps the issue from everyone and Sami asks her to let EJ do his thing. Gabi arrives and Sami snorts at the outfit Kate picked out. Gabi assures her she'll change it during the reception. The grandmothers fight over the baby. Sami tells Lucas privately that she had a speech but decided not to use it because then Adrienne would get to talk and her speech would be all about her. Adrienne and Justin snuggle Ari and Kate tells Marlena to go easy on the champagne. She has a big job. Upstairs, Gabi catches Sonny making plans over the phone to deal with Nick after the wedding.

EJ arrives in Chicago and meets the flaky proprietor of the Church of Life and Energy. EJ needs the certification. The man tells him it's pointless.

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