Abigail watches EJ at the Horton Square, flashing back to the last time he almost ripped her clothes off. She doesn't like the way things ended and wants to chat. She asks him to be truthful with her. He insists he has been. She admits their time was special and she didn't want to hear that it wasn't to him. It's hard for her to accept that they're over though but she knows it has to be. He knows she'll be fine. She agrees - she'll start liking herself again and will never get involved with a man in his situation again. She won't cause a scene.

Sami almost knocks Rafe over at the Brady's pub, and learns he isn't using his cane anymore. She hugs him, pleased. He tells her life's good and thanks her for saving him. He asks why she's not married yet. She says invitations are going out soon and they're excited. He's glad she's happy but won't stop trying to bring down Stefano or EJ. Sami sighs. Rafe thinks she and the kids deserve better. Sami thinks EJ has changed. Rafe chuckles. "He's like a regular Nick Fallon, right?" Sami's offended. Rafe calls it more of an insult to Nick. Sami asks him to be happy for her. They go back and forth.

Ben grabs Jordan in the park and she gasps and demands to know what he's doing there. She looks around and Ben thinks she's looking for the guy she was kissing earlier. He knows she wouldn't want him to see them together. Jordan doesn't have time for this and leaves.

At the hospital, Jennifer and JJ assume Daniel pulled strings so he could do his community service at the hospital. JJ goes when Eric arrives. He talks up Daniel and asks her to take back Daniel. She tells him he's a day too late. She already has. She hands him an assignment, knowing he's looking for work. He's happy to do it and runs off. By the hub, Anne greets JJ. She says she cancelled his assignment, figuring he wouldn't actually do any work. She pointed out to the court that a known drug dealer shouldn't have access to the pharmacy and he was reassigned. He rushes away, late. Later, Rafe finds Jordan. He touches her arm and she jumps and yells. He's taken aback. She apologizes and turns him down for dinner.

Nicole packs her things at Daniel's and tells him she got a room. He notices she's not her perky self and asks if it's got to do with the shredded paper. She brushes him off and worries about being seen in public with Eric, "Because he's a priest and I'm a..." Daniel tells her to zip it and reminds her how selfless she has been. She leaves and groans that she hasn't been a good friend. Maybe there's something she can do about that.

Marlena surprises Stefano at the DiMera mansion. She tells him Eric's future as a priest is in his hands. She asks him to find a way to right this wrong. "I would be forever grateful," she says. She just wants to have a conversation with Dr. Chyka. He acts as if he's never heard of him. She admits she wants to talk to Chyka about Nicole since he escaped on her watch. Stefano has to consider this. He'll be in touch.

Nicole arrives at Jenn's and blurts out, "Thank God you've come to your senses!" She says they'll have complete privacy tonight. Jenn's touched that she's pulling for them. Nicole admits she's going out with Eric tonight. Jennifer's supportive. They laugh that they wouldn't have had this conversation a year ago.

JJ meets Russ outside the pub. Russ comments that he's late. JJ's sorry. He would like to make up the time he missed. Russ hands over his assignment - erasing graffiti in Horton Square and cleaning public toilets. EJ meets Sami inside and she tells him about her earlier conversation with Rafe when he warned her about EJ. EJ snarks that Rafe's the one who screwed this up in the first place. Sami reminds him Rafe was just laying there - the shooting was not his fault. They talk about marriage and hug.

Rory and Bev find JJ cleaning the square. They razz him and tell him to ask his boss to take his brush and shove it up his... "Up my what?" Russ asks from behind Rory. Rory and Bev go and Russ admonishes JJ. Bev returns, hoping he's done soon. Abigail walks in the park and flashes to kissing EJ. She tells herself it's over.

Nicole gets nervous, waiting for Eric to show at Club TBD. He texts her to turn around and when she does, he stands there with a rose.

Jenn meets Daniel at his place where he's setting up a romantic scene.

Somebody throws photos of EJ kissing Abigail at the Horton Cabin down on a table...

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