At Salem PD, Hope argues with Ciara who wants to keep the expensive earrings from Sami. Aiden watches as Abe talks to Hope about a case. Abe takes off and Aiden says she gave him the wrong email address. He gives her his card and misreads the situation with the expensive earrings and thinks Hope's values differ from his own. "If that's how you're raising her, no wonder she's such a holy terror." Hope gives him the cold shoulder and he goes. Hope explains to Ciara why it's important to give the earrings away to charity. Ciara sulks and brings up not having a father. Hope comforts her.

At the Brady's pub, Jordan tells Rafe she's never been so happy thanks to him. They agree nothing is going to change that. Outside, Ben watches and almost goes in. He checks the time and walks away. Inside, Rafe grumbles that his mother hasn't met the baby yet and invites Jordan to meet her when they pay her a visit.

In the park, Marlena asks Kate why she was crazy enough to hire Nick Fallon. Kate says if she hadn't snapped him up, Sami would have. Marlena has a hard time believing that.

At Club TBD, Tad eavesdrops as Nick pretends he's on a call with Gabi and comments on how she only agreed to date Tad because she felt sorry for him. Nick tells "Gabi" he'll call her back and apologizes to T for what he heard. Tad's hurt and Nick asks him not to let Gabi know what he heard. He texts Gabi that he has her notebook and offers to drop it off.

At home, Gabi learns that Sonny and Will are getting married. She jumps into their arms, happy for them. When should she and Ari move out? They let her know that's not what they want. Will takes off to meet Marlena and Sonny has to go to work so Gabi stays with the baby. She receives Nick's text and tells Ari Nick's dropping by. What daddy and Sonny don't know won't hurt them. Nick arrives and Gabi tells him about Sonny and Will's engagement. He reacts positively which surprises her.

Kate walks by the pub and spots Jordan and Rafe inside. She goes in and congratulates Rafe on not having to use his cane anymore. He goes to say hello to Caroline and Kate talks to Jordan about her past with Rafe and how protective she feels toward him. She asks Jordan to promise never to hurt him. Jordan just wants to make Rafe happy. Rafe returns and Jordan leaves. Kate admits she was issuing a warning to Jordan.

Back at the club, Tad congratulates Sonny on his official engagement. Ben drops by and meets Sonny and hears he's engaged. He thinks to a woman but Sonny clarifies. Ben's cool with it. He fills out an application with the surname 'Rogers'.

Will visits Marlena at her office and tells her Gabi thinks she has to move out now that he's marrying Sonny. This bothers him. Marlena thinks Gabi will find somebody but they may not always live together. She gives Will a pep talk which seems to help.

Abe and Ciara find Theo and his sitter at the square. Abe leaves Ciara behind and goes to say hello. Aiden spots her and she accuses him of saying something to her mom about the earrings because now she has to give them all away.

Aiden returns to SPD and apologizes to Hope for jumping to conclusions earlier. He admits he was a "jackass" but understands how hard it is to raise a child. Aiden inserts his foot into his mouth again and wrongly assumes that Hope decided not to give Ciara those earrings because he spoke with her. Hope rails on him and stomps off.

Later, back at Gabi's, Tad calls to cancel their date. He says the tickets fell through. Once they hang up, Nick acts as if he feels bad and thinks Kate may be able to get them tickets. Gabi isn't sure they should go out together because of Will and Sonny. Nick says he gets how protective they're being. He takes off and Gabi mutters that she won't lose her daughter no matter what.

Will drops by the club and banters with about Sonny now being able to call Marlena grandma. They hug and Tad watches, smiling. Will leaves to take Caroline to her quilting group. Once he's gone, Tad tells Sonny not to let Nick Fallon screw things up for them.

In the park, Jordan gasps when Ben stops her...

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jordan's upset by her confrontation with Ben.

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