At the Brady's pub, Hope curses Helen for leaving Salem right now on a business trip. As the PTA President, it's up to her to keep them in line. Helen found someone else to help. In walks Aiden and Helen rushes off. Both Aiden and Hope say, "This is not going to work." Neither will back out of the bake sale. She tells him about last year's sale and says few can handle it alone. They exchange information and agree to meet later. Father Louis will be surprised to see them working together.

Sami and Ciara wander through the Horton Square to find the ten pairs of earrings Sami promised. Ciara bargains for expensive pairs as Nick walks up. Ciara explains what's happening and Nick makes remarks about remembering Sami's earrings from the woods. Sami takes Ciara shopping and after spending a bundle on earrings they return. Abe arrives to pick up Ciara. They leave and Sami is off to see Nicole.

At Club TBD, Tad serves Gabi as she complains about issues with her math assignment. She texts Nick for help and later, Tad asks her out on a date to see some band. She agrees to it. He goes to the bar and some guy named Ben arrives looking for a job. T tells him to come back later when the boss returns.

Adrienne rushes to Sonny's. Justin's out of town so they decide to tell Adrienne their wedding news. Adrienne finds it rather sudden. Sonny jumps on her. He should have known she'd act like this. Adrienne's trying to process it. Will goes to give them space and Adrienne asks what the rush is. Marriage is a big step. Sonny thinks she disapproves but she denies that. They make a great couple. She asks if they told Gabi yet and has concerns she'll feel like the third wheel. Will returns and Adrienne tells him she's happy they found each other. She talks about marrying young being difficult but since they're committed she says she and Justin will support them. She kisses them goodbye. They take her advice and text Gabi.

Jordan meets Rafe at the park. He's there without his cane. "I figured it's about time to go commando," he says. She hugs him as someone watches. He talks about getting back to work a little and they take a walk.

At Daniel's, Nicole explains to Eric that the shredded paper he's holding is something she shouldn't have destroyed. She opens the door and says she'll bring it to her car but he stops her and brings up their date. She wants to go somewhere private. Sami lets herself in and goes off on Nicole for getting her claws into her brother. Eric tells her to shut it. Nicole's been trying to clear his name. Sami reminds her twin Nicole stole her baby. She loves him and is worried for him. Eric shows her the door and slams it behind her. Eric and Nicole almost kiss when Lou wanders up to check the water pressure. Eric goes and Lou the superintendent almost grabs Nicole's shredded paper to take to the trash.

Jordan and Rafe head to his place for a little afternoon delight. They make love and he comments about being more than ready to move back to his loft. They get philosophical and Rafe becomes hungry.

Nick arrives at the club after receiving Gabi's text. He hears Tad and Gabi's plans for their date and questions her. She receives Will's text and Nick hides her day planner. Tad sees Gabi out and watches as Nick fakes a call to Gabi to make it look as though she accepted Tad's date because she feels sorry for him.

Gabi arrives home. Sonny and Will hear she was with Nick and Will rails at her. They tell her they're getting married.

Abe takes Ciara to Salem PD and Hope learns Sami spent four thousand dollars on earrings. Abe leaves them alone and Hope tells her daughter these earrings are inappropriate. They'll save one pair and donate the rest to charity. Ciara grabs them and starts whining. Aiden arrives and watches.

Sami and Adrienne run into each other at the square. Adrienne assumes they feel the same about the boys marrying.

Jordan and Rafe have sandwiches at the pub. Jordan's the happiest she's ever been. Outside, Ben watches them.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jordan's past comes back to haunt her.

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