Maggie and Victor realize they're alone at the Kiriakis mansion and cuddle. What should they do? Victor asks "Red" what she has in mind when Brady bursts in asking if they're having him followed. Victor yells, "Brady, I've had about a gut full of you." He denies having him followed but Brady overheard him talking about keeping tabs on him. Brady goes off to take a call while Maggie asks if Victor's having him followed. He doesn't get a chance to answer when Brady returns and Victor's belligerent with him. He leaves and Maggie says he'll have to find his own rock bottom. He snaps that he hasn't done coke in the new year and tells her to go to hell. He goes and Maggie looks as though she'll fall apart at any moment. Later, Victor stares at Brady's photo sadly and takes a call. "Yes, he was here."

At the Horton home, JJ confronts Abigail about what's been getting her down. He knows it's about a guy. She tells him it's over. He offers to listen if she needs him and changes the topic. JJ confesses about the night of Theresa's overdose and how she blackmailed him. He berates himself for being a "horny jerk" and "stupidly hot for Theresa."

Sami throws things around at the DiMera mansion while EJ tells her to calm down. She can't. His family destroyed Eric's ambitions in the priesthood. She hates that Nicole fell for him. "He's like catnip to women." EJ doesn't have time to go down this road. He thinks he's next and is waiting for his punishment. What'll she do kick him out of her bed again? He won't be blamed for the latest Brady catastrophe. Sami apologizes and explains she's mad at the DiMeras not him. She had to keep a lid on her anger and hates to keep a lid on anything. He knows and points out how she never puts a lid on the ketchup bottle. They share a laugh and snuggle and head to bed to make love. After, Ciara texts Sami to go shopping for those earrings she owes her. EJ's enthused when Sami sets a wedding date for May.

Outside the Brady's pub, Theresa argues with Eric about whether or not Nicole's a good person. Eric calls Nicole selfless unlike Theresa. Theresa argues that people don't change. Eric loves Nicole and doesn't want to hear anything bad about her. Theresa agrees Nicole's off limits but insists it doesn't pay to be in love. People have always let her down in the end.

At Titan TV, Nicole blasts herself for destroying the evidence which would clear Eric's name. She takes the shredded paper from the shredder and imagines putting it back together and giving it to Eric. She shoves it into a bag.

Daniel and Jennifer make out at his apartment. When they come up for air they vow to make up for lost time. They make out on the sofa until Nicole arrives with the shredded paper. She sees them and yelps and realizes they're together and says she'll go. She argues but Jennifer allows Daniel to walk her out. He returns after some kissing and Nicole hugs him, happy for him. He notices she's upset. She tells him she's not sure she's doing the right thing and needs his input. Everything is confusing. She starts to tell him about Chyka when he interrupts. Maybe she should accept being happy. They're interrupted by Eric. Daniel takes off and she admits she's having second thoughts about them. She worries she's not good enough for him. He chalks this up to how Sami and Marlena treated her earlier and denies that it's true. They hug. She asks if he'd choose her if he still had the chance to become a priest. Eric has no doubts and they decide to go on a date tonight. He jokes that they're going bowling and she pulls a face. Later, Eric notices the shredded paper and asks her about it.

Jennifer returns home and tells Abby and JJ she and Daniel will be spending time together tonight. She thanks JJ. Abby didn't know she could hate Theresa more than she already does. Abby goes and JJ asks his mom to talk to his sister. She's hurting about something.

Daniel pays Theresa a visit at her apartment. He threatens to destroy her if she hurts Jenn, Abigail or JJ and asks her not to make him regret saving her ass.

Brady arrives at Club TBD for a drink but doesn't go in. He calls Theresa and she invites him over.

JJ finds Daniel in Horton Square buying Jenn's favorite flowers. Daniel thanks him for everything.

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