Eric goes to Caroline at the Brady's Pub and lets her know he has resigned from the priesthood on his terms. She looks upset and purses her lips. Outside, Marlena grills Nicole about Chyka when Sami walks up and overhears that Eric's leaving the priesthood. She sticks her chin out and blames Nicole. Marlena tries to explain that Nicole tried to help Eric but Sami talks over her. Eric leaves the pub and takes Sami aside to explain his resignation. Nicole snarks, "Thanks for jumping in there, Mar." Marlena retorts, "Don't call me Mar," and apologizes to Nicole. They were all taken by surprise and didn't act graciously but Marlena admits Nicole does appear to look guilty.

EJ and Abigail make out on the desk at Countess Wilhelmina. The clothes start coming off and he suggests they do it next on the loading dock, in the hospital and in the alley near the pub... Abigail becomes turned off and shoves him off her. She doesn't like that he's trying to degrade her. This isn't how she wanted it. He asks how she thought it would be, sneaking around Sami's back. Abigail insists this wasn't just about sex. He agrees. "It's because I was a selfish idiot," he says. He tells her Sami kicked him out of their bed because when they're together it's blinding. If anyone was disgusting it was him he says and yells that this won't happen again. He thinks she deserves more. "You're beautiful." She yells at him to stop. If she were to tell Sami... he finishes, "You would ruin my life and the lives of the children." Nobody would be happy but that's her choice. Either way he isn't doing this anymore. He walks out on her and she sobs.

At Club TBD, Brady and Theresa agree they like each other loaded. Her face falls when JJ strolls in. She wants to go but Brady won't let anyone spoil her day. JJ drops by and Brady gets them another round from Sonny while JJ tells Theresa he's done being afraid of her. Brady returns and asks how the park is. JJ wouldn't know. He hasn't been back since to buy drugs and gives Brady attitude before leaving. Soon, Theresa leaves and Brady orders another. Sonny asks if he's driving. Brady decides to walk and leaves only to return moments later. He forgot his gloves and tells Sonny when he left someone was following him. Did he call Victor or Maggie? Sonny didn't.

Jennifer arrives on Daniel's doorstep. She convinces him to let her in and tells him JJ told her the truth about the night Theresa overdosed. "There's no greater love that you could show me," Jenn tells him. Daniel couldn't let JJ go to prison. Jenn couldn't have gone on without her son. They're overcome with emotion and Daniel admits he cares for JJ. Jenn's endeared by his words. "I am lucky to know you, Daniel Jonas." Daniel tells her Theresa's obsessed with her. He's worried about what she'll do next. Jenn asks where they go from here. She brings up the hateful things she has said about him and wouldn't blame him if his feelings for her changed. She tears up and apologizes. Daniel grabs her and kisses her passionately.

At the park, Eric tells Sami to be quiet and fills her in on Nicole and Daniel tracking Chyka down and getting a confession from him. Sami asks if Chyka confessed about anything else... Confused, Eric says no.

Eric returns to the pub as Marlena's threatening Nicole. Marlena runs off. Nicole says she did a terrible thing but Eric defends her. Before she can say more, Theresa arrives. Nicole leaves and Eric tells Theresa about resigning. Theresa is fine with it. It's his life. He thanks her and tells her she could learn a few things from Nicole. She should get to know her.

Abby searches the sofa at home for her credit card. JJ asks her to finally tell him what's up with her. She says she's just stressed about work but he knows this is about the older man she was seeing.

EJ arrives home and Sami tells him Eric resigned. She blames the DiMeras. They know Chyka was working for them. EJ's sorry. She can't get beyond being under the same roof as those who ruined things for her brother.

At Titan TV, Nicole considers she may have a way to make things right.

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JJ tells Abby about what really happened between him and Theresa.

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