Abigail corners Elvis at the office. "I want you," she pants. He gets cockeyed and tells her they were just a mistake. Abby refuses to accept that. She rambles until she figures out that he is sleeping with Sami again. Hurt, Abby wonders if he just had sex with her for the exercise. When she accuses him of turning to her when he couldn't get any at home, he blinks furiously and waves his hands. EJ wants to let this go but she thinks that the messiness is worth it. Obviously, what he has with Sami isn't enough for him. Moving closer, she suggests he wants to do it on the table right now. He feels her up and suggests she leave. Although he nearly kisses her, he finally leaps away and says he can't let Sami find out. Abby doesn't want that either and assures him they can be careful. They start making out.

In the square, Eric tells Brady that God wants him out of the priesthood. "It's sure as hell what Nicole wants," Brady says. "Now that you and God have decided to see other people, Nicole can have you." Eric talks about how great Nicole is. Brady knows she's swell, but warns him that she can also be nasty and she'll leave his life 'shredded'. Eric appreciates the concern. Brady mocks him for being sanctimonious and naive. His brother is sick of trying to make peace with him. "You took my fiancée to bed... and you loved it!" Brady accuses, giving him 'six months tops' with Nicole.

Maggie is trailing her son around the hospital. Theresa pops up and barks that she needs to see Daniel in private. She tells Maggie that she's dropping out of AA too. The redhead leaves and the doctor tries to snub Theresa. "I see through your hippy bull. You're a player," she snipes. After she sticks the knife in about Jenn, he tells her to 'flame out' and stay away from the people he cares about.

Nicole is in the pub being interrogated by Roman and Marlena about Chyka. Roman gets called back to work. The shrink wonders if Nicole is hiding something. Groaning, Nicole recaps everything and says she feels awful about failing Eric. Marlena gets sarcastic. Daniel arrives and tells the shrink she should be thanking Nicole. He recaps everything and demands an apology. Marlena grumbles one out and leaves. Moments later, Eric arrives with the news that he's out of the priesthood. The doctor decides it's time for him to take off. The ex-priest assures Nicole that he's made the right choice and is looking forward to their future. They hold hands. Roman returns and asks to speak to his son alone. When Nicole gets outside, Marlena is waiting for her. The shrink admits she doesn't believe the story Nic has been telling.

Brady heads into TBD and props up at the bar. Maggie hovers. After telling him he'll crawl out of the bottle one day and she'll be waiting, she walks off. He's about to leave when Theresa shows up. They start boozing and complaining about how everyone else is a drag. She likes him when he's drunk.

JJ stops his mom from leaving the house. He thinks she needs to know the whole truth. "Should I call a lawyer?" she worries. After a long preamble about how stupid he has been, he confesses he was with Theresa when she OD'd. He unpacks the whole sordid story and then explains that Daniel never knocked boots with Theresa. He just said that to keep what happened a secret from people. "I'm not people!" she yelps. Her son explains how Theresa has been keeping the secret to ruin her life. He then tells her all about the blackmail.

JJ bumps into Maggie in the square. He tells her that he just did something right.

At home, Daniel talks to Chloe on the phone about Parker. Jenn arrives. They stare at each other.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Jennifer wants to reunite with Daniel – but he worries Theresa is still a threat.

EJ attempts to end his affair with Abigail.

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