Sami dreams he's kissing Sami who turns into Abigail and wakes up gasping. Sami arrives with breakfast. EJ missed her and thinks they're stronger for their struggle. They kiss and she tells him Will and Sonny are engaged. EJ's glad. He'll get them the most extravagant present. Downstairs, Abe thanks Stefano for his generous contribution to Lexi's wing at the hospital. EJ and Sami turn up. They agree Lexi deserves to be honored. Abe walks Sami out and warns her about the DiMeras. Sami thinks Lexi proved they can change and plans on inviting him to their wedding. Back inside, Stefano congratulates EJ on getting back together with Sami.

Abigail sits at the Horton Square flashing to sex with EJ. Nick walks up and he talks about Gabi. He asks if Abby has ever been connected to someone with their soul. Abby stammers and admits she has. He says he has this with Gabi. Abby is doubtful. Nick gets it but would rather take the risk instead of living with regret. He leaves and she thinks about her own situation and realizes he's right.

At home, Sonny and Gabi argue because Gabi still thinks Nick has changed. She says Nick knew the truth since his return from the "dead." She believes he didn't say anything because he didn't want her to be uncomfortable. Sonny yells that Nick's manipulating her but she admits she didn't want Nick dead. She believes Nick's trying to be open minded which makes Sonny call her blind and weak. He goes on about her having sex with him after everything he did to them. "What is your land speed record for wanting to sleep with him again. Or did you already break that record?" Gabi slaps him. She thought they worked through their issues but he has no respect for her. She runs off. Sami arrives for a snuggle with Arianna and learns about his fight with Gabi. They commiserate over Gabi being pathetic.

Roman and Marlena head into the Brady's pub to meet Eric. They spot Brady and ask what the meeting is about. He isn't there to see Eric and just went through this with Nicole who told him he just 'had' to hear news about Eric, earlier. He storms out.

Eric arrives at Daniel's. He was up all night talking to the bishop and Father Matt about resigning. They asked him to wait but he resigned, effective immediately. The paperwork will take time. Nicole looks at the evidence which would clear his name and cries. They hug and agree to meet later. He goes and she sobs and decides to ditch the evidence.

Back at the pub, Eric tells his parents about resigning. Marlena's shocked. Is he sure? Roman thought the church was Eric's life. Eric has given this a lot of consideration. Marlena wants to find Chyka and get that evidence from him which will clear his good name but Eric says it's over. He's fine with his decision. Marlena tears up as he goes.

Nicole arrives at Titan TV and hesitates before shredding a few of Chyka's documents. Brady walks in and reminds her she was going to tell him something about Eric. She shrugs. It's not her place. He'll have to ask Eric. Annoyed, Brady leaves.

Gabi meets Nick at the park. She says she's the only one who believes he wants to change. He's gratified by this. She tells Nick about defending him to someone and how she compared them to Sami and EJ. Nick tells her not to risk her living arrangements for him and asks her to do him a favor.

Back at Sonny's, he and Sami try to co-ordinate wedding dates when Gabi calls with an apology and reminds him of their bond. Sonny appears happy with this and after she hangs up, Nick hopes that made Gabi feel better.

Eric runs into Brady in the square and fills him in on his resignation. Brady is all for it if that's what he wants. It's what Nicole wants.

Nicole arrives at the pub where Marlena and Roman stop her to discuss Eric's resignation. Nicole feels bad and tells them about tracking Dr. Chyka down but coming up short. Marlena is skeptical that Chyka bolted on her watch.

EJ arrives at MadWorld thinking he's going to a meeting with a client. He finds Abigail in his office. She wants him and won't just walk away.

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